Camden Gin Opens 1960 Operations

CAMDEN (Special) – The Camden Gin Company will operate again this season. This is the gin of the former Southern Cotton Oil Co. on East DeKalb St. and Highway No. 1.

The gin is under management of R. V. Seager, Sr., who has two large modern gins in Lee County. Seagers is perhaps one of the best known ginners in South Carolina and last year was chosen “South Carolina Ginner of the Year.”

Robert W. Huggins, who has been an outstanding ginner for over forty years, will have charge of the Camden Ginnery.

The Swift Gin on east DeKalb St. will not operate this year. This leaves only three gins in Kershaw County, the others at Bethune and Blaney.

In the year 1920 there were 112 active and nine dorment gins in the county and this year there will be only three gins.

The Camden Gin is being overhauled and will commence operation soon.

The cotton crop of Kershaw County last year was 4,683 bales and some are predicting a crop of 5,000 bales this year.

Due to so many rains the harvesting of the crop has been delayed considerable and the season will hardly get underway before Sept 1st. There have been a few bales ginned so far.

August 29, 1960  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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