Blaney High Honor Roll Is Announced

The honor roll for the first six-weeks of school at Blaney High School has been announced.

Those Making the Highly Distinguished Honor Roll are:

Danny Livingston and Joan Stockman of the ninth grade; Amy Peay of the tenth grade; Steve Watson, Linda Livingston, and Mary Porter of the eleventh grade; and Annelle Carey of the twelfth grade.

Making the Distinguished Honor Roll were the following:

Ninth Grade: Ann Branham, Muriel Branham, Pamela Brazell, and Wallace Branham.

Eleventh Grade: Larry Davis, Rhett Fulmer, Davis McLeod, Mildred Branham, Edith Campbell, Beverly Goff, Judy Goff, Joyce Hopkins, Frances Jeffers, Doris Kelly, Emma Dora Rose, and Ann Watson.

Twelfth Grade: Sandra Rose, Donnell Branham, Inez Aldrich, Betty Coleman, and Anne Watts.

October 25, 1959  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 34

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