At Fort Gordon

Columbia Reserves Head Training Plan

The 360th CAMG Area Head quarters “B” Army Reserve Unit will be in charge of training for the CAMG School at summer training during the first two weeks in August.

Commanding Officer Charles J. Craig of Columbia said that the 360th has three-fold mission to fulfill this year. First, the local unit will conduct the school for USAR CAMG students. Secondly, the 360th will function as the control unit for three other units – the 412th CAMG group of Columbia, the 436th CAMG of Atlanta, Georgia, and the 452nd CAMG of Charlotte, N. C. In addition, Colonel Craig’s unit is in charge of “Operation preplan ’59.”

According to the directive from CAMG School at Ft. Gordon, the latter mission is to take the drafts of documents from the active duty 351st CAMG unit there and rework them into polished directives to be used during summer training. the officers of the 360th will be on familiar ground at Fort Gordon and in a field at the CAMG school. Since the unit was activated almost nine years ago by U. S. Senator Strom Thurmond (Governor at the time) and now a Reserve Brigadier General, it has trained at Gordon on seven of its eight summer training periods.

The unit is composed of reservists from many walks of life whose civilian experience or profession has qualified them for their particular assignments in the complex field of military government. Included are engineers, tax experts, educators, broadcasters and others whose day-to-day work is similar to that which would be required of them in the occupation of a foreign country.

Those who will go to Fort Gordon on August 2nd, include Colonels Charles J. Craig and Dill D. Beckman of Columbia; Colonel Tillman T. Smoak of Orangeburg. Lt. Colonels John L. Mack, James G. Padgett, Harley A. Peterson, Reuben K. Walker, Fenelon D. Smith, Robert D. Ochs and William D. Workman, Jr., all of Columbia. Ltl Colonels Henry H. Crum of Denmark, Harold M. McLeod, Michael G. Salley and Donald A. Yongue of Orangeburg. Also, Lt. Colonels Julian R. Mellette of Timmonsville, James B. Rhinehardt of Winnsboro and David D. Shelley of Barnwell.

Also Major Norman C. Collins and Major Richard H. deMontmollin of Columbia. Thirteen enlisted men will attend summer camp include Staff Sgt. Nickolaus H. Mahlstedt, Jr., Sgt. Grady E. Hyman, Sp 5 James I. Redfearn. PFC John T. Rogers, Pvt-2 Benjamin B. Boyd, Pvt-2 William L. Otis, PFC Alexander M. Sanders, Jr.., Pvt-2 William O. Self, Pvt-2 William H. Tuller, Jr., and Pvt-2 James F. Waites, all of Columbia. Also, Pvt-2 Fred M. Doster of Cayce, Pvt-2 Norman K. Rose, Jr., of Blaney, and PFC Heyward E. Fulmer of Prosperity.

August 9, 1959  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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