Grace Harmon Bowen


Grace Harmon Bowen was born on February 27, 1903.


On January 1, 1928, Mrs. Caroll Bowen was listed in the newspaper article “Blaney.”


According to the United States Census reported on May 12, 1940, Carroll Rodney Bowen (41) owned a home in Blaney, Kershaw, South Carolina with his wife; Grace Harmon Bowen (37); daughter, Grace Carolyn Bowen (8); and adopted sons; James Alvin Kelley (19) and Samuel Walter Kelley (17). It was reported at all family members were born in South Carolina and lived in the same house on April 1, 1935. Carroll Rodney Bowen was a lumber manufacture, Grace Harmon Bowen kept house,  Grace Carolyn Bowen attended school, adopted sons, James Alvin Kelley and Samuel Walter Kelley were Labors for the Lumber industry.


Grace Harmon Bowen, 56, passed away on April 14, 1959. Burial was in the Smyrna United Methodist Church Cemetery.

Grace Harmon Bowen
Located in Smyrna United Methodist Church Cemetery
Elgin, Kershaw County, South Carolina, USA
Photo added by Jon Davis


On January 7, 2016, Grace Harmon Bowen was listed as the deceased mother in the obituary of Carolyn Bowen Peake.

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