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Bishop I. H. Bonner opened the Columbia annual conference of the A. M. E. Church, Wednesday, October 22 at St. Paul A. M. E. Church, Lancaster, with Dr. O. C. Dunham as host presiding elder and the Rev. George Thomas, host pastor.

The Rev. N. A. Gary preached the annual sermon. The missionary sermon was given by the Rev. H. D. Anderson, Consecration sermons were given by the Rev. V. A. Janerette and the Rev. D. R. Bedenbaugh.

Presiding Elders, B. C. Cunningham, Columbia District, I. O. Simmons, Spartanburg District, T. H. Addison, Newberry District and O. C. Dunham, Lancaster District made reports of the ministers and churches in their respective districts.

The Rev. L. E. Crumlin, acting dean of Dickerson Theological Seminary, Allen University, was made Dean of the Bible Hour.

Thursday night was educational night for Allen University; the Rev. W. E. Crumlin, A. T. Butler and Dean L. E. Crumlin were the speakers. Music was rendered by the Allen University Choir.

Among the churchmen present at the conference were Dr. E. A. Adams, Historiographer of the A. M. E. Church: Dr. R. W. Mance, Financial Secretary of the A.M.E. Church and the Rev. J. W. Thomas, pastor of Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church, Lancaster. Ledell Steele, Mayor of Lancaster and other extended a welcome.

The Ordination Sermon was preached by Rev. Julius Holman.

The conference ended Sunday.

The closing sermon of the Columbia Annual Conference of the A. M. E. Church, convening in Lancaster, was preached by the Rt. Rev. I. H. Bonner, presiding bishop of the Seventh Episcopal District.

Bishop Bonner made the appointments of follows:

Columbia District – The Rev. B. C. Cunningham, presiding elder; Bethel, the Rev. J. Arthur Holmes; St. James, the Rev J. C. Bates; Chappelle Memorial, the Rev. C. R. Hawthorne; Bishop Memorial, the Rev. J. N. Sheares: Emanuel, the Rev. S. T. Spencer; Turner Memorial, the Rev. A. B. King; Mt. Pisgah Station, the Rev. A. D. Greene; Lexington Circuit, the Rev. C. C. Black; Saluda Circuit, the Rev. C. V. Alston; Irmo Circuit, the Rev. V. A. Janerette; St. Paul Circuit, the Rev. R. I. Lemon, Jr.; Edgefield Circuit, the Rev. Julius Holman; Little Mountain Circuit, the Rev. W. H. Foxworth; Calvary Station, the Rev. Raymon Strom; Pine Grove Circuit, the Rev. W. P. Hammitt; and Young’s Chapel, the Rev. P. R. Brooks.

Newberry District – The Rev. T. H. Addison, presiding elder; Miller Chapel, the Rev. J. A. Holmes; Shiloh Station, the Rev. Nathaniel Johnson; Providence Circuit, the Rev. T. H. Weathers; St. James Circuit, the Rev. W. M. Brown; Mt. Moriah Circuit, the Rev. Leroy Sneed; Hannah Circuit, the Rev. G. T. Curry; silver Street Circuit, the Rev. L. C. Butler; Newberry Circuit, the Rev. W. W. Williams; Helena Circuit, the Rev. A. A. Amaker; Mt. Olive Circuit, the Rev. H. H. Redmond; Wateree Circuit, the Rev. Nathaniel Allen; Mt. Hebron Circuit, the Rev. M. W. Jackson; Mt. Zion Mission, the Rev. E. B. Boyd; and Nebo Mission, the Rev. David Boyd.

Spartanburg District – The Rev. I. O. Simmons, presiding elder; Trinity Station, the Rev. D. R. Bedenbaugh; Great Trinity and Little White Hall, the Rev. P. H. Carmichael; Bethel Station, the Rev. H. D. Anderson, Jr.: Wayman Chapel Station and Pine Grove, the Rev. W. H. Abel; Eastern Circuit, the Rev. R. A. Young; Mt. Zion Circuit, the Rev. G. A. Alford; White Hall Circuit, the Rev. Frank Alston; Shady Grove Circuit, the Rev. J. R. A. Nelums: Fairview Circuit, the Rev. C. C. McIlwain; New Hope Station, the Rev. F. B. Johnson; Taylor Chapel Circuit, the Rev. Prophet Davis; Antioch Circuit, the Rev. David Jackson; New Chapel Circuit, the Rev. Henry Hatten; Carlisle Circuit, the Rev. J. P. Curry; Stover and Reid Chapel, the Rev. R. S. Turner; Free Hope Circuit, the Rev. O. Price; St. John Circuit, the Rev. Joseph Frasier; Mt. Olive Mission, open; Atcherson Chapel, the Rev. L. C. Copeland; Friendship, the Rev. Charles Robinson; and Ridgewood Chapel, open.

Lancaster District – The Rev. O. C. Dunham, presiding elder; St. Paul Station, the Rev. G. A. Thomas; High Hill, the Rev. W. S. Young; St. Phillip, the Rev. N. A. Cary; Brown Chapel, the Rev. L. E. Crumlin; Willow Grove Ct., the Rev. Willie Jefferson; Wedgefield Circuit, the Rev. S. E. Hicks; LeGree Circuit, the Rev. J. M. Caughman; Blaney Circuit, the Rev. S. J. Bradley; Shiloh and Rock Hill, the Rev. James Moody; Shady Grove, the Rev. Henry Duncan; Bethel Station, the Rev. N. J. Burgess; Reeder Point, the Rev. L. E. Crumlin; St. Luke, the Rev. Willie Tucker; New St. Phillip, the Rev. Rufus Jackson; and Camden Mission, the Rev. James Jackson.

October 29, 1958  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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