County ASC Election Held at Kershaw

CAMDEN – The Kershaw County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation office today released the names of recently elected County Community Committeemen.

The committeemen, who will be delegates to the County Convention on Sept. 26, were elected in balloting Wednesday.

Results by communities:

Antioch: Fred K. Smith, Arthur Brown, W. C. Horton, S. S. Henseley (first alternate) and James McKenzie (2nd alternate).

Baron DeKalb; C. W. Jordan, S. C. Truesdale Jr., William Boone, A. S. Jordan (1st alternate) and Alex Etters (2nd alternate).

Bethune: Hazel Horton, Carroll Jones, June Truesdell, A. B. McLaurin (1st alternate) and Jon Baker (2ndt alternate).

Blaney; E. T. Bowen, Leo Rose, Cranshaw Branham, A. B. Nelson (1st alternate) and Otis Goff (2nd alternate).

Boykin; W. A. Boykin, J. L. Sweet, H. L. Baker, K. P. Emanuel (1st alternate) andRenest Baker (2nd alternate).

Camden; M. J. Truesdale, M. B. Burns, T. M. Hall, J. B. McGuirt (1st alternate) and Bobby Marsh (2nd alternate).

Kershaw: G. R. Crow, J. C. Horton, Ralph B. Jones, W. R. Perry (1st alternate) and H. R. Horton (2nd alternate).

Charlotte Thompson: A. R. Holland Jr., Harold Seegars, Frank G. McLeod, Alfred Pearce (1st alternate) and W. D. Branham, Jr. (2nd alternate).

Liberty Hill: J. Abe Hilton, G. C. Truesdell, W. E. Cunningham, R. J. Wardlaw (1st alternate) and J. S. Jones (2nd alternate).

Lugoff; D. L. Truesdale, Arthur E. Branham, Luther Jones, Henry Boulware (1st alternate) and D. C. Dixon (2nd alternate).

Midway: M. T. Hough, L. H. Catoe, R. B. Elliott, Ray West (1st alternate) and N. C. Hall (2nd alternate).

Mt. Pisgah; John C. Williams, J. W. Sowell, E. H. Reese, Thomas E. Eubanks (1st alternate) and W. P. Sowell (2nd alternate).

Oakland: W. R. Watkin, W. H. Ratcliff, Charlie B. Peebles, W. T. Stokes (1st alternate) and T. H McLaughlin (2nd alternate).

Pine Grove: W. R. Barfield, J. A. Bell, Grady Bell, Ernest Dowey (1st alternate) and James Gardner (2nd alternate).

Three C’s: E. W. Young Jr., Ernest W. Croxton, Ray Croxton, G. C. Sowell (1st alternate) and Carl Robinson (2nd alternate).

September 17, 1958  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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