Blaney High To Open on September 7

Blaney High school will begin this year’s schedule at 8:30 September 7, with teachers reporting at 9 o’clock September 6, according to Edward W. Shingler, superintendent of Blaney Public Schools.

Mr. Shingler, added that the entire curriculum of Blaney High school has been reorganized and the high school library has been enlarged in size and number of volumes.

New courses added for this year are as follows; Psychology, French, speech, 2nd year Algebra, civics, and physical education.

Other courses being offered include English, health, mathematics, Algebra, chemistry, biology, history, science commerce, home economics, agriculture and driver training. Glee club, public school music, and private piano lessons will also be offered.

New teachers who have been added to the faculty include; Mrs. B. F. Buie, 1st grade; Mrs. Sally McGee, second grade; Mrs. Marjorie Crump, fourth grade; John Riley, sixth grade; Robert Johnson, science; Mrs. Myrtle Becker, public school music and two classes in high school English; Miss Evelyn Roberts, piano, and Mrs. Inez Hatcher, lunchroom supervisor.

August 25, 1955  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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