Matt Wallace Will Lead Camden Drive

CAMDEN, AUG 20 – (Special) – Matt Wallace, general campaign chairman for the 1955 Camden-Kershaw County Communist Chest, announced this week the personnel for the campaign which is to begin in October.

Vice chairmen for the campaign are Ray Gordon, in charge of the training of solicitors and Ed Vereen for publicity.

W. F. Nettles will be chairman of the participating communities. This includes the outlying towns and areas such as Bethune, Liberty Hill, Boykin, Blaney, Cassatt, and the Charlotte Thompson area and others.

The government and professional division will be headed this year by Bates Littlejohn, and the downtown business division will be under the direction of Robert L. Templin.

This year the Camden residential division will be broken up into four areas with a chairman for each area. Central-east area, which is Broad Street to the Southern Railroad tracks, will be headed by Ned Beard; central-west, Broad Street to the Seaboard Railroad, will be under the chairmanship of Ben Sheffield; residential division 6, western area, Seaboard Railroad to Wateree River, will be headed by C. R. Higgins, and residential division 7, eastern, extending from the Southern Railroad, east, will be headed by J. D. Munch, J. D. Marshall is chairman of residential division 8, the southern area.

Mrs. Church will be chairman of the advance gifts division and R. M. Kennedy, III, will be in charge of the industrial division.

The budget for this year will be just a little more than the total amount for last year, Chairman Wallace said. The total amount of the budget, with the breakdowns for the individual agencies participating, will be given in the near future.

August 21, 1955  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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