Rise and Sine, Best at NY Event, Takes Top Dog Show Honors Here

300 Entries Are Judged In Auditorium


Champion Carmor’s Rise and Shine, the beautiful honey-colored cocker spaniel that was best in show at the huge Westminster event in Madison Square Garden this year, shown again in Columbia last night, topping some 300 other dogs of all breeds.

Rise and Shine was bred by the owner, Mrs. Carl E. Morgan of High Point, N. C. It was handled to the best in show title at the Columbia Kennel Club show by Ted Young of Rocky Hill, Conn., a professional handler. This dog was sired by Champion Carolina Cotton Picker out of Carmor’s Honey Dew.

Best local dog in show was a Boxer, Fanchon of Karlisle, owned by Mrs. Buck Smith of Columbia and handled by Buck Smith.

Several hundred people stream through the Township Auditorium yesterday to view various breeds being judged. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Cherry of Tice, Fla., were unable to come at the last minute and C. J. Murphy of Nashville, Tenn., took over the judging of all sporting breeds, including Cockers, which Mrs. Cherry was to have judged.

Frank Downing of Towson, Md., judged toys, hounds, and terriers, and Carey Lindsay of Baltimore, Md., judged non-sporting and working breeds.

As tension mounted throughout the day it became apparent to most observers that the real contest for best in show would develop between Rise and Shine and a big, handsome black German Shepherd, Ch. Onyx of Edgetowne, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bert H. Walling of Beaufort, another dog of national fame.

As expected, Rise and Shine took the sporting group, topping the best of Pointers, English Setters, Brittany Spaniels, and the black and parti-color varieties of Cocker Spaniel. Onyx just as easily swept through the working group meeting Boxers, Collies, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes and Shetland Sheepdogs.

A steel-gray Whippet, Champion Twinkletoes of Garden City, owned by Ralph W. and Peggy G. Cox of Greensboro, N. C., took the hound group to go into the final judging. Best terrier was the Scottish Terrier Champion Marymac’s Jolly Jack, owned by Dr. and Mrs. B. Kater McInnes of Charleston; the black Toy Poodle, Bussing’s Charlie II, owned by Carmen C. Gregoroff of Jackson, Mich., took the toy group and a handsome little black and white Boston Terrier, Escort’s Honey Chile, owned by George W. Burkett of Winamac, Ind., took the non-sporting group.

BEST FAWN BOXER: His Nibs of Gay Oaks, the winner of the open for fawn boxers in Sunday’s dog show, is shown here with George Whiting, left, as Charles D. Spanaus of New Rochelle, N. Y., judge, presents the award. The boxer is owned by Lt. Col. Jack Emery of Fort Benning, Ga. (Munn-Teal Photo)

Best of the local sporting dogs was Mr. and Mrs. Hagood Bostick’s High Hampton Polly, a beautiful Black Cocker Spaniel. A black Dachshund, Lob Lolly Pop, owned by Mrs. J. B. Rotureau, Jr., was best local hound; Frachon took the best local working; a Miniature Schnauzer, Baron Muchen von Hanson, owned by Alden C. Moyer, took the terrier group in locals; and the Keeshond, Woods Kan-Coo owned by Albert W. Woods, was top local non-sporting dog. No toys were shown in local classes.


Bred by exhibitor, bitches, first, Thrasher’s Lucky, James L Thrasher, Anderson; American breed, bitches, first, Perfect Love Na-Su Dusto, Samuel E. Harrison, Greenville; open, bitches, first, Della Kate Kee-Pe-Dusto, Charles E. Folk, Tullahoma, Tenn.; second, Lucretia Kee-Pe-Dusto, Samuel E. Harrison. Best of winners, bitches, Della Kate Kee-Pe-Dusto; reserve, Perfect Love Na-Su-Dusto.


Open dogs, Cromer’s Don Manzanita, Sally M. Cromer, Roanoke, Va.; winners, dog, Cromer’s Don Mamzanita (only entry); puppy, bitches, first, Jessie Enuff En-Je-Dusto, Samuel E. Harrison: open, bitches, first, Shaaber’s Darlene, Mrs. M. A. Shaaber, Jacksonville, Fla.; second, Knight’s Little Miss Twinkle, E. O. Knight, Atlanta, Ga.; best of winners, bitches, Shaaber’s Darlene; reserve, Knight’s Little Miss Twinkle; best of breed, Shaaber’s Darlene; best of opposite sex, Cromer’s Don Manzanita.


Novice dog, first, Hall’s Butcher Boy, II, John M Corn, Columbia; open dogs, first, Presentation’s Merry Captain, Erika Clerici, Nashville, Tenn.; second, Price Valiant, VII, Mrs. O. Scurlock and John M. Murdock, Hialeah, Fla.; open, dogs over 15 pounds, first, Ovie’s Peacemaker, Ovie Scurlock; best of winners, dogs, Presentation’s Merry Captain; reserve, Prince Valiant, VII; open, bitches, first, Escort’s Honey Chile, George W. Burkett, Winamac, Ind.; second, I’m a Little Regardless, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schindler, Miami, Fla.; third, Dorsey’s Glosheen, J. E. Dorsey, Charlotte, N. C.; best of winners, bitches, Escort’s Honey Chile; reserve, I’m a Little Regardless; best of breed, Escort’s Honey Child; best of opposite sex, Presentation’s Merry Captain.


Puppy bitches, first, Mab Sentme. Mrs. A. S. Ancrum, Spartanburg; open, bitches, first, Sue Andra, Mrs. A. S. Ancrum; second, Irons Carmelita. Theodore S. Rabon, Aiken; best of winners, bitches, Sue Andra; reserve, Irons Carmelita; specials, first, Ch. Juana, Mrs. J. W. Mitchell, Salisbury, N. C.; second, Ch. T-Bone, Paul R. Haynes, Charlotte; best of breed Ch. Juana; best of opposite sex, Ch. T-Bone.


Open, dogs, first. Kway II Commander, Ica B. Crumpacker, Wichita, Kan.; Second, Carrolland’s Hung Cha Chi, Marchia and Almand Carroll, Doraville, Ga.; third, Carrolland’s Tusi Yasa, Marcia B. amd Almand Carroll; best of winners, dogs. Kway II Commander; reserve, Carrolland’s Lov-Li. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll; best of opposite sex, Kway II Commander.


Open, dogs, first, Kenmure’s Denwood, Dr. and Mrs. John S. Gordon, Charlotte, N. C.; second, Harbor Hill Black Watch, W. Enos Phillips, Cataument, Mass.: best of winners, dogs, Kenmure’s Denwood; reserve, Harbor Hill Black Watch; open, bitches, first. Rock Falls Julip, WillliamT. Holt, Richmond, Va.; second, Dutch Fork’s Duchess, W. E. Jennings, Jr., Columbia; best of winners, bitches, Rock Falls Julip; reserve, Dutch Fork’s Duchess; best of breed, Rock Falls Julip; best of opposite sex, Kenmure’s Denwood.


Puppy dogs, first. Min-Ken’s Lil Red Rambler, Mrs. H. G. Antrim, Cincinnati, Ohio; open, dogs, first. Kurt V. Anzenrof, Mrs. A. Padron, Miami, Fla.; second, Keen Prinz Chas. of Flora Del. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. D. Robertson, Atlanta, Ga.; third, Lealan’s Black Knight, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Hilty, Apollo, Pa.; best of winners, dogs, Durt V. Anzenrof; reserve, Keen Prinz Chas. of Flora Del; puppy bitches, first, Min-Ken’s Lil Red Suzie Q. Mrs. Antrim; second. Gillispie’s Debutanta, R. S. Gillespie, Statesville, N. C.; bred by exhibiors bitches, first, Gillispie’s Majorette, R. S. Gillispie; open, bitches, first, Le Alan’s Sweet Sue, Dr. and Mrs. Hilty; second, Magnificent Margo V. Firathel, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson; best of winners, bitches, Le Alan’s Sweet Sue; reserve, Gillispie’s Majorette; best of breed, Le Alan’s Sweet Sue; bes of opposite sex. Kurt V. Anzenhof.


Open, dogs, first, Georgian Sunblaze, Mrs. Sidney Cohen, Chester, Ill., (only dog); open bitches; Majack Luci, Mrs. J. S. Wadsworth, Concord, N. C.; second; Georgian Sweet Sue, Mrs, Cohen; best of winners, bitches, Majack Luci; reserve, Georgian Sweet Sue; best of breed, Ch. Great Elms Little Timsun, Mrs. Ruth L. Bean, Pineville, N. C.; best of opposite sex. Ch. Majack Sugar Plum, Mrs. Wadsworth.


Ch. Blakeen King Doodles, Mrs. Robert D. Levy, Miami, Fla., (only entry).


Bussing’s Charlie II, Carmen C Gregoroff, Jackson, Mich., (only entry).


American bred dogs, first, Fran-Beth peter Michael, Jane Fretter, Avon, Ohio; open, dogs, first, Velvet Coacher, Dorothy L. Schmidt, Dania, Fla.; second, Pirate King, Mary Jane Michaels, Freemont, Ohio; third, Sir Rum Bow, Myrtle Marie Schmidt, Cleveland, Ohio; fourth, Likely Story in the Valley, Mrs. M. T. Salter, Atanta, Ga.; best of winners dogs, Velvet Coacher; reserve, Fran-Beth Peter Michael; open, bitches, first, Merry Adventure, Jane Fretter; second. Reigate Souvenir, Mr. and Mrs. Myron W. Greene, Rochester, N. Y.; best of winners, bitches, Merry Adventure; reserve. Reigate Souvenir; best of breed, Velvet Coacher: best of opposite sex. Ch. Green Starr’s Dainty Choice. Gray Wheeler, New Bern, N. C.


Open dogs, Red Pluto’s Texas, Red Pluto Kennels, Syracuse, N. Y. (only dog); novice bitches, first, Ardee’s Queen O’Leary, Hugh McL. Fenwick, Perrine, Fla.; second, Lady Heide, Rebecca D. Stoddard, Aiken; third, Lady Ariella, Wade Harris, Sophia; best of winners, bitches, Ardee’s Queen O’Leary, reserve, Edward’s Dixie Bell O’Day; Hugh Fenwick; best of breed, Red Pluto’s Texas; best of opposite sex, Ardee’s Queen O’Leary.


Open, bitches, first, Jo-Fran’s Tafrani, Jo-Fran Kennels, Clearwater, Fla.; second, Majara Malinda, Forest W. Conley, Columbia; best of winners, bitches, Jo-Fran’s Tafrani; reserve, Majara Malinda; best of breed, Jo-Fran’s Tafrani.


Only entry, Su-Su. Hedy Earlene Hayes. Columbia.


Puppy dogs, first, Alexander’s Pride, Thomas C. Alexander, Mauldin; open, dogs, first, Alexander’s Play Boy, Thomas C. Alexander; second, Echo Acres Dandy Boy, Frank W. Brown, Apollo, Pa.; best of winners, dogs, Alexander’s Play Boy; reserve Echo Acres Dandy Boy; puppy bitches, first, Alexander’s Patricia, Thomas C. Alexander; open bitches, Hyatte Tiny Baby, B, A. Hyatte, Winston-Salem, N. C.; second, Alexander’s Little Princess, Thomas C. Alexander; best of winners, bitches Hyatte Tiny Babe; reserve, Alexander’s Patricia; best of breed, Hyatte Tiny Babe; best of opposite sex, Alexander’s Play Boy.


Open dogs, Woods Kan-Coo, Albert W. Woods, Lexington; American bred bitches, Wood Fluff, Forest W. Conley, Columbia; open bitches, first, Woods Wander, Forest W. Conley; second, Kingleigh’s Allure; Albert Woods; third, Woods Black Lace, Forest Conley; best of winners, bitches, Woods Wander; reserve, Kingleigh’s Allure; best of breed, Woods Kan-Coo, best of opposite sex, Woods Wander.


Only entry, Bilbar Daniel, Bilbar Kennels, Camden.


Open dogs, first, Coppenhagen, John M. Murdock, Hialeah, Fla.; second, Field Ch. Tex of Richmont, Nils O. Nielsen, Pacolet Mills; best of winners, dogs, Coppenhagen; reserve, Tex of Richmont; novice bitches, first, Pacolet’s Bonnie Lynn, Nils Nielsen; second, Follette De Jacques, Nils Nielsen; open bitches, first, Ruby of Edough, Nils Nielsen;open bitches, open bitches, first, Ruby of Edough, Nils Nielsen; second, Sully’s Okie Belle, Edward G. Sullivan; Mudoc; best of winners, bitches, Ruby of Edough, reserve, Sully’s Okie Belle; best of breed, Ruby of Edough; best of opposite sex, Coppenhagen.


Open, bitches, first, Look’s Winning Streak, Margaret Sanger, Greensboro, N. C.; second, My Overtime Folly, Gary W. and Dorothy Maujoks, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; best of winners, bitches, Look’s Winning Streak; reserve, My Overtime


Puppy dogs, first Prince of Jeffries Pass, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Carithers, Columbia; open dogs, first, Arno V. Nordbrand, Mr. and Mrs. Bert H. Walling, Beaufort, second, Donner V. Da-Rie-Mar-Hill, Paul F. and Irma C. Boax, McKeesport, Pa., third, Kreigie of Elvastone, Dr. T. R. Monks, Washington, D. C.; fourth, Iro von der Starrenburg, Mrs. Florence E. Nuhn, Willoughby, O.; best of winners, dogs, Arno V. Nordbrand, reserve, Donner V. Da-Rie-Mar-Hill; puppy bitches, first, Asgard’s Nila, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Daniel, Columbia; novice bitches, first, Heide of Hatchway, Mrs. Frank M. Elliott, Columbia; bred by exhibitor, bitches, Heidie of Springfield, J. F. Wannamaker, Springfield; American bred bitches, Heidie of Springfield; open bitches, first, Elfe vom Spargeldorf, June Fredine, Rockford, Ill., second, Anka vom Waldese, Robert E. Willliamson, Cleveland, O., third, Seahurst Olivia of Long Worth, Long Worth Kennels, Allegan, Mich.; best of winners, Arno V. Nordbrand; best of breed, Ch. Onyx of Edgetowne, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Walling; local class, first. Prince of Jeffries Pass, second, Asgard’s Nila, third, Heide of Hatchway.


Open dogs, first, Acadialodge Show Master, Garland Ratchliff, Johnson City, Tenn.; puppy bitches, first, Jo-Fran’s Debutante, Jo-Fran Kennels, Clearwater, Fla., second, Jo-Fran’s Duenna, Jo-Fran Kennels; best of breed, Jo-Fran’s Debutante; best of opposite sex, Acadialodge Show Master.


Open dogs, first, Jocks Buttons, Swanscairn Kennels, McDonough, Ga., second, Rusty Red of Glenwood, Mrs. G. W. Scurry, Columbia, third, Steve Randolph of Manchester, Mrs. Ray Dutrow, Jr., Columbia, fourth, Bonnie Prince Michael, Mrs. G. W. Scurry; best of breed, Jock’s Buttons; local class, first, Rusty Red of Glenwood, second, Steve Randolph of Manchester.


Open bitches, first, Welcome Little Eva, Douglas O. Alexander, Raleigh, N. C., second, Silver Ho Southern Belle, W. Paul Davis, High Point, N. C., best of breed, Welcome Little Eva.


Open bitches, first, Albany Marinette, Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Clay, New Bern, N. C., second, Wakesgreen Trim, Joe Clay; best of breed, Albany Marinette.


November 9, 1954  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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