Names of 1952 Jurors are Released

Names of the 1952 grand jurors and of petty jurors ordered to report for the first week of the general sessions court term beginning January 14 were released yesterday by Richland Clerk of Court C. E. Hinnant.

The two juries are made up of the following:

Grand jurors: E. M. Hines, Jr., 304 South Waccamaw; Louis A. Citron, 857 Arbitus; Fred Asmer, 3500 Wheat, John H. Bell, Allen Benedict court; Hiram S. Allen, Jr., Blythewood; William F. Lamar, 4049 Verner (holdovers from the 1951 grand jury).

John S. Davis, Route 4, Columbia; Harry Campbell, Eastover; W. E. McNair, 517 Lakeside; James E. Newman, 841 Kawana Road; T. W. Sharpe, Sr. Blythewood; Edwin J. Lever, Route 1, Blythewood; C. H. Derrick, Route 1, Irmo; Rhea L. McCary, 1403 Washington; C. B,. Pursley, 1124 Olympia, J. G. Jacobs Route 2, Blaney; Edward P. Smith, 3224 Millwood; R. H. Hamrick, 2828 Wheat; J. E. Bolton, Jr., 4128 Devine; Charles T. Smith, III, 2828 Blossom.

Jurors for first week of general sessions court, to report January 14;

Denny M. Dennis, Route 3, Columbia; Johnnie Hagood, Blythewood; Martin C. Wise, 1521 Toronto; J. B. Leek, 1420 Wellington; J. E. Brazell, Bluff road; Fred S. Hallman, 1112 Florence; William A. Belk, Route 3, Columbia; H. T. Jeffers, 2729 Two Notch road; Eugene D. Smith, 1226 Pinceton; Frank S. Smith, 805 Woodland; charles R. Jackson, 1204 1-2 Maple; Francis W. Wood, 6402 Noble; Williams M. Belger, Route 4, Columbia; John H Knight, 1215 Daly; W. W. Neese, Route 3, Columbia; William M. Brown, 400 1-2 Florida; L. D. Robinson, 4008 Harrison road; Edward L. Anderson, 1334 Idalia; Robert W. Dinkins, Blaney; A. O. Branham, 305 Virginia; Clifton E. Hall, 2929 Park; W. W. Bishop, 615 Kentucky; Thomas H, Stratton, 2031 Two Notch road; Henry L. Mock, Route 3, Columbia; B. W. Sturkie, 2508 Two Notch road; Harry Thomas, 1602 Buchanan; D. E. Scarborough, 1316 Pinemont; James T. Johnson, 1219 Brevard: Robert J. Hornsby, White Rock; J. C. Ragin, Lykesland; E. R. Broom, 450 Texas; Ellabee King, 3922 Rosewood; Hugh T. Shaw, Bannockburn.

January 3, 1952  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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