H. H. Hornsby Is Honored Posthumously

The gallantry and unselfish courage of a Camden army sergeant in valiantly giving medical aid to a wounded comrade under enemy fire in Korea was rewarded with the posthumous presentation of the Silver Star to his mother in Columbia Saturday.

Sgt. Herbert H. Hornsby, recipient of the medal, given only for gallantry in action, was subsequently killed in action in Korea on June 23, 1951, and the award was made to his mother, Mrs. Jannie C. Hornsby of 408 Rutledge street, Camden. Col. Frank G. Davis, senior army instructor, ORC, presented the award at headquarters of the South Carolina Military district in Columbia.

The citation which told of Sergeant Hornby’s heroic action was read by Capt. George E. Vandergrift, public information officer. It follows, in part:

“On 24 April, 1951, in the vicinity of Sochon-ni Korea, a numerically superior enemy force viciously attacked the sector of the defense line held by a platoon of Company D to which Sergeant Hornsby was attached as an aid man. Shortly after the assault, Sergeant Hornsby was called upon to proceed through fierce enemy fire to an adjoining hill and administer first aid to a seriously wounded rifleman. Knowing that the terrain was unfamiliar and subjected to severe hostile fire, Sergeant Hornsby valiantly made his way to the wounded soldier and gave him critically needed first aid. When the unit to which the injured man belonged was ordered to withdraw, Sergeant Hornsby led his blind patient to the route of withdrawal and then, seeing the man’s increasing helplessness, carried him to the company’s new area. The gallantry and unselfish courage exhibited by Sergeant Hornsby reflect the highest credit upon himself and the military service.”

Sergeant Hornsby, who entered the service at Fort Jackson in 1941, was born in Kershaw County, October 16, 1922, and was graduated from Blaney high school. Prior to his entrance into the service he engaged in farming in Kershaw county. During school Sergeant Hornsby played both football and baseball.

Besides his mother, Sergeant Hornsby is survived by one brother, Eddie Hornsby, Jr., of Camden and eight sisters, Mrs. Harold Shirley, Mrs. Ross Shirley and Mrs. Arthur Shirley, all of Camden, Mrs. C. E. Cook and Mrs. D. H. Brown of Columbia and Mrs. George Watts, Mrs. Edmund Hornsby and Mrs. Eunice Goff, all of Blaney.

CAPTION: Mrs. Jannie C. Hornsby of 408 Rutledge street, Camden, is shown receiving the Silver Star awarded to her son, the late Sergeant Herbert H. Hornsby, killed in Korean action last June 23. Making the award is Colonel Frank G. Davis, senior army instructor of the ORC, South Carolina Military District. (U. S. Army photo.)

November 19, 1951  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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