AN UNUSUAL electrical stunt, through to originate, is shown here, as Bob Brown, of the Science Circus, prepares another show for possible presentation in the Columbia area. His daughter, Betty, is shown in photo as high voltage streamers jump into the air from thimbles on her finger. Brown has begun his third week in Columbia with the Science Circus in which he uses a girl in each school to do spectacular experiments with high voltage. Performances yesterday were in Columbia High school and Dentsville. Others scheduled are at Taylor, Watkins, Eau Claire, Dreher, Lower Richland and Winnsboro schools. Schools that have already presented the show include Wardlaw, Blythewood, St. Peter’s, University High, Hyatt Park, Rosewood, Hand, and Blaney, as well as the school in and around Camden.

April 12, 1951  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 37

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