Columbia Naval Reserve Enlistees

The following recently have enlisted in the Columbia naval reserve battalion:

Paul Hampton Downs, 2211 Lee Street; John Robert Bruner, Epworth orphange; Otto Ernest Hornsby, RFD 1, Columbia; Herford DeNell, 2029 Blanding Street; JamesĀ  T Moore, 2436 Glenwood road; Hubbard Jacob Lindler, RFD 2, Lexington; Carroll E. Rawl, Lexington; George P Corley, Lexington: Frank Allen Wright, Lexington; Connor A Isgett, Jr., St. Matthews; Jack Harold Hendrix, 440 Virginia street; Charles R Pardee, 810 Duke Avenue: Frank D McNulty, Jr., 1425 Westminster drive; Paul Cleveland Carter, 2919 Holmes avenue: Jim Cheek Hawkins, 515 Virginia Street; John Elias Lindler, RFD 1, Lexington; Ralph Jean Bryant, 410 Florida Street.

Enlistments in the local naval reserve unit have been continuing at a brisk rate for some time.

Any young man interested in joining the unit should apply at the U. S. Naval Reserve Training center on Pickens street across from Maxcy Gregg park. The telephone number is 4-3286.

1949.12.30 - Columbia Naval Reserve Enlistees
December 30, 1949 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 5

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