Blaney High Annual Staff Is Announced

Blaney – Blaney high school’s annual staff for 1949-50 is as follows;

Editor-in-cheif, Madge Black; business manager, Edward Coker; associate business manager, J. R. Hornsby; publication manager, Lillie Bell Dowey; associate publication manager, Margaret Peake; advertising manager, Betty Moore; associate advertising manager, Viola Boykin; feature editor, Leverda Brown; associate feature editor, Lemuel Wooten; picture editor, Betty Miles; associate picture editor, Margie Jackson; sports editor, Helen Reynolds; associate sports editor, Betty Jean Branham; art editor, Jesse Neese, and associate art editor, Wilma Motley.

This year is the first attempt for Blaney high school to publish an annual.

September 21, 1949  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 9

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