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Mr. and Mrs. Otis Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Nations, Mrs. Patton, Mrs. Broom, Mr. Ryan, Mrs. Milissia Elington from the progressive union, First Baptist church, visited the sanatorium on Sunday and brought fruit to the patients.

Mrs. Gladys Crowder and Mrs. Ballentine for Christ Lutheran church, Denny Terrace, brought literature to the sanatorium on Thursday.Miss Mariam Shirley, Lutheran deaconess, also visit the patients holding services in the cottage.

Mrs. L. A. High, Mrs. G. A. Barefoot and Mrs. I. W. Hellams from Columbia Chapter 59, O.E.S., visited the Eastern Star cottages on Sunday and brought gifts.

Miss Louise Mattox, Miss Sadie Delk and Private Chauncey Fox visited Mrs E. J. Reynolds last week.

Guess the Franklin Fowlkes included Mrs. J. R. Fowlkes, Mrs. Frank Stone, Mrs. J. F. Roder, Mrs. Watson, the Reverend Boyd L Hamm, the Reverend Curtis K Wise, Dr. Wade Atkinson, Jimmy Cumby of Columbia and Mrs. Mary Parker of Pelham, North Carolina.

J. D. Hankinson has returned to the sanatorium after spending a few days with his brothers, John N. Hankinson and Paul W. Hankinson in Aiken. Mrs. Ella McCalla has also returned to the sanatorium from Anderson where she had spent several weeks with her sister Miss Annie Nichols.

Visiting Mrs. W. D. Hornsby during the week were Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Hornsby, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sightler and son, Murray Sightler, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Handsel Varn, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kyall, and Miss Nell Hornsby of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Burgess and little daughter, Barbara Burgess, of Miami, Florida.

Everett Sharpe was admitted to the sanatorium on August 22. He also had as guest during the week Mrs. Ella Sharpe, Miss Ruth Sharpe, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Walling, Miss Frances Irby, Miss Sarah Sharpe, Pete Hallman, the Reverend G. A. Faile, P. L. Sharpe, all of Columbia.

Visitors of Miss Marie McCartha during the week included Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCartha and little Beverly McCartha, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Kleckley, the Reverend Boyd L Hamm, the Reverend Curtis K Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell, Jimmy Cumby of Columbia, Mrs. Walter F McCartha, Mrs. Lyn McCartha, Mrs. J. W. Kleckley and Joe Lowman of White Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Emery Younginer and Mrs. Ben Bauknight of Irmo, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Calhoun of State Park.

Recent guests of Edwin Bryant were Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bryant and family, Mrs. C. G. Joyner, Mrs. Alma Kelly, Miss. Joyce Joyner, J. R. Shull, Robert Joyner and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Furtick, all of Columbia.

Recent guests of Miss Mildred Smith included the Reverend Mr. C. K. Wise of the Social Mission Society of Columbia, the Reverend Dr. Wynne C. Bolick, and Sister Pearl Eckard, parish deaconess of the Lutheran Church of the Reformation, Mrs. Bessie Lee Rhodes and Mrs. Dillard Harris of Columbia.

Mrs. T. E. Gaines, little Juanita Gaines and Sergeant L Ford Greening of Columbia visited T. E. Gaines Sunday.

Visiting Miss Helen Coker recently were Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Riley, Miss Joan Suite, Mr. S. W. Suite, Mrs. Vesta Beck, Charlie Riley, Mrs. Betty Robinson, Miss Lily Mae Altman, Mrs Leona Altman, Miss Jean Suite, Mrs. Eloise Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLaughlin, Bill Brazell, all of Columbia, and Mrs. Floyd Jones of Lake City.

Miss Ruth Alexander’s guest included Mrs Carrie Alexander, Miss Mary Alexander, Miss Martha Alexander, Miss Virginia Dent, Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Ault, all of Columbia, C. E. Callaway of High Point, North Carolina, Robert Sowder of Madison, Indiana, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beckman of West Columbia and John Johnson of Biltmore, North Carolina.

E. E. Catoe has returned to the sanatorium after a visit with his family in Kershaw.

Mrs T. W. Ellisor, Miss Judith Ellisor, T. N. Ellisor, Benny Ellisor, Miss F. Steele, Bob Steele, Floyd Steele, and Bob Ellisor visited T. W. Elder during the week.

Maxi Elders is spending a few days at his home, he also had as recent visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Branham of Blaney, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Elders of Charlotte, North Carolina, Mrs. Mamie Bishop, Oscar Elders, Miss Joan Buff and Master Thomas Buff of Columbia.

Visiting this Rachel Summers last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Summers, Mrs. W. H. Derek, Miss Hilda Derek, Miss Nancy Floyd, Miss Bonny Kay Floyd, the Reverend Curtis K Wise, Mr. J. C. Lybrand, Mrs. L. A. Hobbs, Mrs. R. E. Taylor, all of Columbia, and Mrs. Maruen Bobb, Master Lester Babb, Miss Jean Bobb of Charlottesville, Virginia, also Mr. and Mrs. Howard Derrick, Master Billy Derek and Dolores Derek of Des Moines, Iowa.

Mrs Ruby Grant of Columbia visited J. C. Blackwell on Monday.

September 8, 1949  State (published as The State) 
Columbia, South Carolina
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