Joyce Gross, Barnwell, Named To Attend Girl,s Nation in DC

The closing session of Palmetto Girl’s State, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary of South Carolina, was held yesterday and was highlighted by the choice of Joyce Gross of Barnwell by popular vote of the girls themselves to attend Girl’s Nation at Washington.

Miss Gross, previously elected Lieutenant Governor, will accompany Miss Shirley Ford of Conway, the Girls State Governor, to the National Capital in August, where an assembly of two girls from each state will make a study of the function of national government. One girl from this group will be chosen the President of Girls Nation.

Certificates were presented by Mrs. Irvine Belser, director, to each of the girls staters and gold charms in the shape of our triangular state were given to each by the Legion Auxiliary Department President Miss Alva Johnson of Darlington.

Under the director of the Auxiliary Department Chaplin Mrs. W. Forest Barnes of Brunson, the girl citizens planned and conducted devotional services at the Veteran’s hospital early Sunday morning. Miss Johnson, department president, spoke briefly to the patients. The Scripture reading was given by Miss Joyce Gross, Lieutenant Governor. Miss Ann Matthews of Newberry sang “How Lovely are Thy Dwellings.” The very inspiring spiritual message was given by the Girls State Governor, Miss Shirley Ford of Conway. The service was closed by the singing of Malotte’s “Lord’s Prayer” by Miss Madge Black of Blaney.

Governor Strom Thrumond after administering the oath of office to the Girls State Governor in the hall of the house of representatives Saturday morning addressed the girls on the duties of the governor, receiving rapt attention.

The members of the Senate and House of Representatives were sworn in by their girl governor and lieutenant governor and each house organized with their officers presiding throughout. In each house bills were introduced and read “on three separate days.” One of these bills was passed over the governor’s veto. This was a bill to repeal the law requiring the barbers of South Carolina to charge no less than 65 cents for a haircut. Three bills passed through both bodies and approved by the governor were as follows; A bill to increase the pay of teachers; a bill to require physical examination before marriage, and a bill to enact into law the recommendation of the school survey committee.

June 13, 1949  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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