Ridgewood Camp News

The OES chapter No. 59 visited the patients in the Eastern Star cottage on Sunday. They were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Watson, Mrs. Gene Umphlett, Mrs. J. C. Kelley and Mrs. Scruggs.

The students of Luthern Theological seminary were out on Thursday and taught Sunday school. They were Raymond Davis, Guy Cruse, Jasper Smith, Hubert Linn, Harry Robinson, L. C. Plexico, Hubert Dunlap, E. R. Ridenhour, Kinser and Crumby.

The Daughters of the Holy Cross of the Trinity church gave the patients in each cottage a lovely pot plant. Also the boxes of flowers used to decorate Trinity Episcopal church were given to the patients at the sanatorium after services. The courtesy is shown the patients each year.

The Lutheran church in Denny Terrace brough each patient a pot plant and a basket of Easter eggs. Washington Street Methodist Church remembered the patients with an Easter gift.

The First Baptist church brought each patient a basket of Easter eggs.

Each year Mrs. A. H. Monteith gives each patient an Easter gift. This Easter she made attractive baskets for the eggs.

Mrs. Sam Warren visited the patients on Sunday.

Miss Mildred Smith’s visitors were Miss Alice Whitten of Greenville, Dr. J. R. Howell, Mrs. Dorothy Marschalk, Mrs. Ray Weeks and Miss Idelle McCook of Aiken, Mrs. Clyde Strickland and Miss Sue Jones of Gaffney, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brazzell, Mrs. E. J. Ridgeway, Miss Nancy Ridgeway and Miss Martha Ellen Ridgeway of Columbia.

Mrs. F. H. Plott and son, and Mrs. H. L. Kirby visited I. H. Grady.

Mrs. J. E. Reynolds was visited by Miss Louise Mattox and Miss Sadie Delk of Columbia.

Miss Helen Coker’s visitors were Mrs. J. D. Riley, Mrs. Vesta Beck, Mrs. R. A. Pennington, Mr. and Mrs. John D Riasinger and Children, Miss Cliose McLaughlin, all of Columbia.

Mrs. W. D. Hornsby was visited by W. D. Hornsby, Mrs. J. H Hornsby, Mr. and Mrs. Murry Slightler and son, Murry, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Kyal of Crescent Hill Baptist church and Miss Betsy East of Connie Maxwell Children’s’ home, Greenwood.

Mrs. Ruby Grant and Mrs. Claud Neal of Columbia was J. C. Blackwell’s visitors.

E. E. Catoe’s visitors were Rev. A. L. Willis, Mrs. E. E. Catoe, James Metts, Miss Elizabeth Hipp, Miss Gertrude Catoe and Clyde West Kershaw.

Miss Marie McCartha’s visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Kleckley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell, Mrs. Ben Willis, all of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sumpter of St. George and Sam Meetze and Walter McCartha of Chapin.

J. D. Hankinson was visited by Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Kelarse and Mrs. J. A. McDougall.

Miss Ruth Alexander’s visitors were Mrs. Carrie Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Amick and daughter, Patsy and Mrs. J. D. Brazell, all of Columbia.

Edward Bryant was visited by Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Joyner, Joyce Joyner, Ourns Ganter, Jessie Hasting, Mr. Harper, Doctor Rucher and Frances Joyner.

Mrs. Frank Stone and Mr. and Mrs. Alkenson visited R. F. Fowlkers.

Mrs. D. C. Butts’ visitors were D. C. Butts, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Butts, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mouzon, Mr. and Mrs. George Holladay, Linda Holladay. Georgie Ann Holladay, Blue Hendrix, David C. Butts, Jr., Phyllis Ann Butts, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Hawkins, H. A. Hawkins, Jim Hawkins, Mrs. James Backham, Tommie Beckham, Billie Beckham and Margarette Hawkins.

Maxey Elders’ visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Branham of Blaney, Mrs. Mamie Bishop, Master Thomas Buff, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Lovell, Miss Margie Lovell, Miss Barbara Lovell and Mrs. Stella Moore.

Michael Miknis was visited by Mrs. Ola G. Miknis, Miss Margaret Harhon and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gregg.

1949.04.27- Ridgewood Camp News
April 27, 1949 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 13

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