Youth, Given Ride, Robs Man of $2,000

Richland sheriff’s deputies and city detectives today sought a young man in his 20’s in connection with an armed hold-up which netted nearly $2,000 on United States Highway No 1 near here.

A $100 reward was posted today for information leading to apprehension and conviction of the bandit.

The victim of the hold-up was John Peters of 1024 Webster avenue Utica, N. Y. who had given the young man a ride in his car.

Rider Pulls Gun

He picked up the youth near the Hotel Wade Hampton and when they reached a point where the road leads off to Sesqui-Centennial park, the young man suddenly pulled a pistol and placed it in his side and forced him to drive on the Sesqui road where the robbery was completed.

The loss included a $1,500 diamond and two small diamonds, $130 in cash; and an expensive watch.

After the hold-up, which took place at 5 p.m. yesterday, the youth forced Mr. Peters to drive up the Sesqui road.

Long Search

After waiting a brief while, he drove back to the highway, proceeding to the next town, Blaney from which point Deputy Rose of the Kershaw county sheriffs force offered aid and the two met with Deputy Sheriff Bud Dunaway and a search for many hours was made for the bandit.

Today Chief of Detective William H. Rawlinson and city detectives were added to the search.

The youth sought was described as from 20 to 22 wearing a blue suit.

Mr. Peters gave him a ride believing him to be a college student Deputy Dunnaway said.

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