Seen Here and There

Mrs. W. E. Carigan of Liberty, Ky., visiting her daughter, Joan, of 1531 Blanding street for a few weeks.

Attractive Charleston woman keeping her audience at the Daughters of the American Colonists convention in stitches with a detailed account of how she accepted a ring from one sweetheart the day before marrying another.

Miss Marion Gerard in town for the horse races.

Sergeant Wayne Covert taking his wife up for her first plane ride at night.

Monroe Amick and C. B. Moore, both of W. Perry Smith Motors, Inc., receiving yesterday a “Master’s Mechanic” certificate from the South Bend, Ind., plant.

A peculiar atmosphere hanging over the Shandon part of the city yesterday, what with near freezing temperatures in the morning and the scent of blossoming dogwood trees and azaleas fragranting the crisp air. . .

Two small children plodding home from school a bit early Thursday remarking that they certainly wished the teachers would have two or three conventions a year instead of only one.

Joe Palmer Eargle, 15, who celebrated his birthday Thursday.

Birthdays Anniversaries Today: Charlie S. McCall of Bennetsville, Miss Hazel Nichols of Columbia, Mrs. James G. Holmes, Jr., of Columbia, Dr. H. H. Plowden of Columbia.

Wedding Anniversaries Today: Mr. and Mrs. James D. Watson, Jr. of Blaney.

March 20, 1949  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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