Blaney Schools To Present Yule Plays Tuesday

The Blaney public schools, H. W. Rast, superintendent, will present a Christmas play at the school building in the auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 21.

The grammer school will give an operetta, “Santa Claus” Christmas Party. ” The director will be Mrs. Rast.

The character’s will be: Santa Claus, Perry Kirkland; Snow Man, Grady Reynolds; children:

Jimmie Cook, Mackie Goodwin, Benjamin Porter, Frederick Goff, Gene Sloan, Charles Moore, Jimmie Dillard, William Collins, Shelba Wooten, Sara Smith, Ann Watts, Donald Perry, Jimmie Maner, Belva Moak, McArthur Watts, Franklin Nelson, Gloria Miles, Donnelle Branham, Sandra Rose, Martha Jackson, Bobby Gene Reynolds, Jack Kirkland, Kenny Miles, Rudolph Bradley, Jay Smith, Harold Peake, Helen Barfield, Farrell Rose, Sylvia Sessions, Virginia McCallum, Charles Campbell, Fay Kirkland, Bobby Branham, Betty Grace Partridge, Agnes Branham.

The high school will present a combination pageant-play — “One Night In Bethlehem” by Karin Asbrand under the direction of Mrs. George H Tompkins. Those taking speaking parts will be:

Powell Kirkland, Betty Lou Dowey, Leo Ross, Clayter Campbell, Edward Coker, J. R. Hornsby, Marvin Campbell, Olin Goff, Franklin Nelson, IDa Lee Ross, Evangeline Hunter, Ollie Dixon, Ollie Mae Branham, Margaret Peake, Preston Goff, Viola Boykin, Lois Branham, Ruth Moak, Betty Moore, Leverda Brown.

1948.12.19 - Blaney Schools To Present Yule Plays Tuesday
December 19, 1948 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 51

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