4 Injured In Head-On Collision

Four persons from Richland county were seriously injured in a head-on collision at 10:30 last night about four miles out of Columbia on highway No. 1, Highway Patrolman B. W. Hiers reported.

A pick-up truck and a passenger car, each carrying two of the victims, were totally demolished in the accident which blocked the highway for nearly 30 minutes with wreckage. Blood and gasoline covered the highway for nearly 20 feet.

James Thomas Ross of Blaney, listed by Patrolman Hiers as driver of the pick-up truck was reported to be “very seriously” injured with severe head injuries, multiple cuts and bruises. He was administered glucose.

James Edward Ross, passenger in the pick-up truck and no relation to the driver received minor bruises and cuts. No serious injuries were evident, although other injuries were thought possible because of internal pain. James Edward Ross told Patrolman Heirs that he was asleep when the accident happened.

John L Mattox, of Route 3, Columbia, passenger in the automobile, received extremely serious facial cuts and bruises. He was admistinster glucose.

Heyward Edward Chambers, driver of the passenger car, also of route 3, received apparently minor injuries, but doctors had not completed examination late last night.

The passenger car was going south on highway No. 1 and the pick-up truck was headed north.

June 13, 1948  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
Page 43

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