District Tourney To Be at Ashwood

Ashwood, Jan. 28 – The Upper 5th district basketball tournament will begin at Ashwood February 4 with ten girls and ten boys teams competing.

The Tournament committee, anticipates a large crowd at the opening ceremonies at 5:30 Wednesday afternoon, February 4.

Immediately following the ceremony’s, Hillcrest (girls and boys) Will take on Bethune.

This is the largest district tournament in this part of the state.

The tournament this year should be the most exciting yet, due to the fact of the teams are classed about even.

Below is the schedule for the first two days:

Wednesday, February 4, Hillcrest vs Central (girls); Hillcrest vs. Central (boys); Ashwood vs. Bethune (girls); Ashwood vs. Bethune (boys).

thursday, February 5, Baron DeKalb vs. Midway (girls); Baron DeKalb vs. Midway (boys); Lynchburg vs. Lydia (girls); Lynchburg vs. Lydia (boys); Antioch vs. Loser (1 and 2) (girls); Antioch vs. Loser (1 and 2) (boys).

Friday, February 6, Blaney vs. Loser (6 and 7) (girls); Blaney vs. Loser (6 and 7) (boys).

January 29, 1948  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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