Court Hears Guilty Pleas On First Day

Johnson Presides


The first of the guilty pleas in Richland county General Sessions (criminal) court were being received today and Solicitor T. Pou Taylor handed several score of new bills of indictment to the Grand Jury.

Judge J. Henry Johnson of Allendale presided in court for his fourth term here since he entered the judiciary. Judges make a circuit of the state’s courts every six and a half years, and his first appearance here was 19 years ago toward the close of this first tour of the state.

The solicitor was prepared to receive a total of 18 guilty pleas today, with more possible later during the schedule two-week term.

Court is Delayed

Court’s opening was delayed by lack of sufficient grand and petit jurors.

Judge Johnson ordered additional panel of both drawn.

Gran Jurors present were, six holdovers from 1947; R. Roy Pearce, Charles Lee Brooks, M. Olin Kinsler, William H. Favor, J. Harmon Derrick and J. L. May.

Others; Claude B. Free of 1817 Heyward, J Jeff Balletnine of Route 1, Blythewood; C. D. Dent of 400 Ravenel, P. E Brown of Blythewood, Gary C. Darby of 1120 Olympia, J. R. Little of 4809 Colonial drive, Archie Hardy, Jr., of 2400 Wilmont, J. W. Lovett of 825 Eight street, William P. DuBose of 7 Myrtle court, W. Q. Claytor of Hopkins, O. R. McCracken of Hopkins.

The jury commission, consisting of C. E. Hinnant, W. M. Mobley and R. Andrew Feagan, in open court drew the following names from which the additional needed names were to be drawn. The commissions drew the following:

Joe Edens of 3101 Lakewood. C. W. Lott of 4710 Luvalee, Cantey C. DuBose of 2814 State, B. L. Eargle of 1311 Eight street and David E Sullivan of 105 Southwood.

One juror was later excused by Judge Johnson for having reached his 65th birthday.

Add Petit Jurors

The first week petit juors numbered the following names, and other (40) were drawn in open court by the jury commission.

From the regular panel were:

Robert G. Lister of 1208 Princeton, J. J. Seibert of Edgewold, Lewis River of Edgewood, P. M. Pillsbury of 406 South Waccamaw, James W. McCabe of 2230 Willow, D. L. Rose of Lykesland, Everrett K. Fraley of 1530 Senate, S. C. Godshall of 2204 Marion, W. L. Wise of 2207 Wallace, James L. Shackleford of 4811 James, R. V. Seegars of Route 3, Columbia; E. W. Duensing, Sr. of 2003 Willow, Henry a Kirkland of 3020 Two Notch road, Edgewood: W. B. Granger of 3800 Forest drive, Roy Hinnant of 1723 Sumter, Wheeler M. Reed of 5526 Wilson boulevard, W. W. Dodd of 113 Lincoln, Robert Hightower of 2213 Elmwood, G. L. Wooten of Blaney, Route 2; Furman Green of 2003 Assembly.

New Jurors Drawn

The following 40 additional jurors were drawn today in open court from which to complete the panel.

W. A. Johnson of 3614 Phillips street, Barrington C. King of 2821 Millwood, Robert C. Stork of 3321 Duncan, E. L. Tarlton of 25 Moore avenue, Clarence J. Dreher of 3201 Amherst, Edward C. Furtick of 1006 Queen, N. E. Shealy of 2906 River drive, Frank McWhirt of 1812 Sumter, William T. Lyles of 1521 Berkley, John Sharpe, Jr. of 220 Pickens, W. G. Lyes of 1512 King.

J. D. Denham of 40163 Ridgewood, A. T. Clarkson of 2825 Kershaw, Wilbert E. Swygert of 610 Capitol Place, George F. Riley of 1808 Green, Ben E. Coleman of 1521 Maple, Clyde Hutchins of 1125 Shirley, John G. Priester of 1807 Green, F. A. DesPortes of 27 Heathwood circle, W. F. Kleckley fo 2726 Devine, Edward Biller of YMCA, R. J. Jones of 505 HIllcrest, H. G. Mellette of 1105 Woodrow, Jack Cunningham of College, Richard M. Taliaferro of 1611 Crestwood, L. E. Walker of Moticello road, Norman E. Priester of 3214 Monroes, T. E. Stubbs of 2814 Wheat, A. J. Smith of 727 Hampton, J. C. Reynolds of 1430 Richland.

C. R. Hopkins of 1900 High, William H. Jeans of 1213 1/2 Maple, William L. Broadwater of 1020 Sumter, John Smith Sexton of 1302 Geiger, Basil C. Dickert fo 715 Kawana, E. W. Sweatman of 2226 Gadsden, and Hugh Alexander of YMCA.

Eighteen to Plead

Solicitor Taylor was informed today that ten white men and eight Negro men planned to enter pleas of guilty to charges against them.

In all, 68 indictments were in the court’s files this morning, with the addition to holdovers to be make later.

There were 45 holdovers from the curtailed December term, but all jail cases of December were disposed of at that time before Judge M. M. Mann adjourned court.

Bellinger Visits Court

Judge G. Duncan Bellinger, resident judge of the Fifth Judicial circuit, was a caller in court today to express a welcome to his fellow visiting jurist.

Judge Bellinger will preside here at the summer court session after Judge Johnson finishes his term.

The third member of the judiciary scheduled to preside here for the fall and winter terms of 1948 will be Judge J. Robert Martin, Jr., of Greenville.

Today’s court was largely attended.

A large number of cases have been scheduled fro disposal during the term, among them cases of homicides, alleged criminal assault and alleged abortion.

Some of the trial cases are expected to consume several days each.

Assisting the solicitor from the sheriffs department was Olyn C. Crouch, Jr., deputy and sheriff’s photographer and radio man.

Court attacher present today included George W. Collins, Jr., official circuit stenographer: Charles Poat and Charles Dantzler, deputy clerks of court under Mr. Hinnant.

January 12, 1948  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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