Common Pleas Jury List Drawn Here

Jurors have been drawn by the Richland jury commission to serve at the December 1 week of Richland county common pleas court before Judge M. M. Mann of St Matthews. The common pleas term open yesterday and will continue throughout the first week of December.

The panel for the first week in December will be as follows:

S. E. Slice of Route 3, Chapin; W. B. Seay, Jr., of 603 Olympia; W. E. Franklin of 4008 Park, Samuel Davis of Blaney, Route 2; Ray B. Barker of 3980 Colonial drive, E. W. Belin of 3429 Margrave, W. B. Jones of 217 South Ravenel, R. E. Brehm of Columbia, Route 1; Ralph A. Fetner of 2406 August court; Robert H. Boykin of 1309 Kinderway.

Lewis Eargle of Little Mountain, David M. Hallman of Route 2, Eastover; W. A. Miles of 516 Wallace, Albert Edward of 1418 Elmwood, Barney M. Smith of 12 williams, Robert P. Fishbourne of 1502 Hagood, A. L. Addison of Eastover, Ollie Tidwell of 1830 Henderson, Harold O. Bates of 600 Denny, C. E. Brazzell of Lykesland, Daniel Thompson of 1210 Pine, Walter M. Coward of 20 South Marion, E. C. Byrd of COlumbia, Route 2; John Sharpe, Jr., of 330 Pickens, John G. Holmes of 2115 Senate.

J. G. Motley, Jr. of Blaney, W. D. Jones of 204 South Holly, W. W. Walker of 1112 Olympia, Melvin S. Harris of 401 South Walker, Samuel F. Lever of 719 Henderson, Mack Darby of 3301 College, W. Q. Watkins of Route 2, Blaney; G. H. Lucas of 3615 Bouknight, Paul M. Turner of 1304 Kinderway, and James R. Eleazer, of Irmo, Route 1.

November 19, 1947  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
Page 21

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