AME Appointment Read as Annual Conference Ends

By W. R. Bowman

Around 3000 persons from Newberry, Spartanburg, Winnsboro, union and other places attended the final sessions of the Columbia African Methodist Episcopal last Sunday in Columbia at Bethel church. The balcony was crowded to capacity with scores of people unable to find seats. The fellowship offering in the Sunday school was $404.67 and the special offering for Allen university Friday night was $3017.67.

All the Columbian ministers were returned except the Reverend W. R. Bowman, who was moved from Pomaria and sent to Helena and Dr. C. L. Hill, the host pastor, who was elected president of Wilberforce University in Ohio and was released from Bethel church. Dr. Fred H. Hughes of Kansas City, Kansas, was assigned to Bethel church as a supply pastor and will likely remain for several months until Bishop Reid can find a suitable minister for that charge.

The conference sermon was preached Sunday morning by Dr. Joseph Gomez of Cleveland, Ohio who used as a text Isaiah 28:16.

Bishop read suggest before reading the appointments that Methodist ministers are sent and not called, congregations must not grumble or shut the door in the preacher’s face, he said.

The appointments follow:

Newberry District
The Rev. W. B. Clarke, Presiding Elder

Miller Chapel, J. C. Bates; Shiloh station, A. B. King; Providence, I. O. Simmons; Mt. Hebron, I. S. Burrells; St. James, A. D. Dawkins; Helena, W. R. Bowman; Mt. Olive, J. P. Curry; Mt. Moriah, M. W. Jackson; Newberry Ct. W. G. Owens; Silver Street, J. N. Caughman; Wateree, P. W. Davis; Hannah, W. S. Young; Saluda mission Prophet Davis; St. Thomas and Nebo, E. B. Boyd; Whitmire and Zion. David Boyd; president A. C. E. leauge, A. B. King, president Women’s mission society, V. E. Rutherford: district Superintendent, Prof. H. B. Rikard.

Spartanburg District
O. C. Durham, presiding elder

Trinity, T. E. Robinson; Greater Trinity, Jacob Holmes; Bethel station, B. J. Finklear; New Hope, W. W. Williams; Wayman station, Fred James; Mt. Zion, J. M. Dawkins; Eastern Ct., W. M. Brown; Shady Grove, H. H. Redmond, Fairview and Bethleham, J. J. Alston; White New chapel, B. C. Price; St. John, C. V. Alston; Paradise, N. F. Rabb; Hall, C. S. Suivey; Mt. Eden and Taylor chapel, J. H. Huggins, Antioch, A. A. Ammaker; Free Hope, to be supplied; Mr. Olive, W. S. Tresevent; Friendship, V. B. Jackson; Atchison chapel, J. W. Jeter; Piney Grove, Prophet Robinson; Bates Chapel, K. C. Copeland; Ridgeway and Ridgewood, Charley Robinson; district missionary president, Janie V. Williams; district missionary workers, Katheyn Jackson.

Columbia District
T. H. Addison, Presiding Elder

Bethel station, Dr. Fred A. Hughes; St. James, P. H. Carmichael; Emanuel, V. A. Jenerette; Chappelle station, D. L. Gamble; Bishop memorial, G. H. White; Calvary station, Hugo Stantley; Stover chapel, S. E. Martin; Young chapel and Rock Hill, W. L. Bowman; Double Branch, B. C. Cunningham; Lexington, A. A. Redden; Saluda, H. L. Bonaparte; Edgefield, T. F. Curry; Irmo, S. J. Johnson; Little Mt., C. C. McIllwain; St. Paul, N. A. Rice; Piney Grove, E. L. Jones; Flipper temple, Henry Mickens; conference evangelists, W. E. Lee and J. W. Killworth; district evangelists, H. H. Garmony and G. J. Lybrand.

Lancaster District
H. D. Ramsey, Presiding elder

St. Paul, Lancaster, S. H. Smith; High Hill, R. A. Young; St. Phillip, to be supplied: Bethel, WEdgefield, G. B. Brown; Brown chapel, arthur Fisher; Legree, T. H. Weather; Wedgefield ct. N. A. Gary: Willow Grove, F. W. Ambrose: Shady Grove, John Burrough; Blaney, C. E. Frazier; Wateree, T. H. Ringer; Mill Creek, Rufus Jackson; St. Phillip mission, J. P. Brown; New Bethel, Alfred Horn; Reeder point, S. J. Gadson; Jacob, Eugene Jones; district evangelist, G. J. Boyd. The Rev. P. P. MacFarland of West Columbia was transferred to the central conference; the Rev. J. J. James of Spartanburg was transferred to the central conference and the Rev. W. M. McDonald of Lancaster, transferred to the north east conference and stationed at Dillon.

November 13, 1947  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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