Criminal Court Open Soon; Nearly 100 Cases on Docket; Juries Drawn For Two Weeks

Nearly 100 criminal cases, 85 of them new bills of indictment, will be on the docket next Tuesday morning when Richland county General Sessions (criminal court opens its fall term, with Circuit Judge Marvin M. Mann of St. Matthews presiding.

Two Negros will be charged with murder. Other indictments will practically run the gamut of law-breaking, including charges of attempted criminal assault, forgery, breach of trust, highway robbery, grand larceny, housebreaking, pointing a gun and assault and battery with intent to kill.

Solicitor T. Pou Taylor has asked all law enforement officer who are involved in cases slated for trial to confer with him in his office Friday and Saturday.

Jurors drawn for the first two weeks of court include the following: For the first week; W. Reuben Aaron, 726 7th street; M. C. Broome, 3101 Colonia drive; Walter K. Buff, 2016 Gadsden; J. M. Flynn, 3806 Phillips; F. C. Bouknight, Irmo; Colie B. Bundrick, YMCA; W. G. Edwards, 305 Southwood road; Thomas L. Bullard, 4600 Hyatt; T. J. Moseley, 723 Sims; S. O. Wiggins, Hopkins; H. B. Murray, Route 4, Columbia; H. D. Adams, 1414 Barnwell.

Also C. A. Watling, 3417 Abingdon; Grigsby Shannon, Route 2, Blaney; J. J. Seibert, Edgewold; Alfred Raeford, Eastover; S. R. Young, Lykesland; R. H. Trapp, Blythwood; Robert Bartholomew, 1511 Laurel; C. H. Dangerfield, Route 4, Columbia; John W. Edwards, 1102 Barnwell; James T. Seay, 1308 Kinderway; William M. Bray, 3601 Devereaux; Richard T. Allen, 1829 Gadsden.

Also C. C. Porter, Route 1, Columbia, George Riley, 1808 Green; T. B. Burch, 1200 Woodrow; McRea Kirkland, Route 4, Columbia; G. L. Brown, 709 7th street; W. F. Berry, 510 5th street; John R. Fulmer, Route 1, Columbia; Blackstone Neely, 1312Kinderway; P. H. Thornton, 1413 Pickens; Thomas S. Sloan, Route 1, Eastover; W. L. Zeigler, 1022, Henderson, and Carroll T. Addy, 4801 James.

For the second week: Joseph Grimes York, 1322 Main street; C. E. Stork, 4109; Dewey Martin, 3321 Abington: Eguene Geiger, 2434 Haskel; William Owens, 723 1/2 Main; Howard Snelling, Route 1, Columbia. W. T. Jacobs, Route 2, Blaney; M. S. Dwight, Eastover: Claude E. Kleckley, Chapin; T. M. Johnson, 3603 Phillip; F. A. Jefferies, 3413 Heyward.

Also Thomas L. Brazzell, Route 1, Lykesland: Edwin A. Bailey, 1508 Gladden; Joel L. Edwards, 4020 Palmetto: Wade H. Ross, 223 S. Bull; James E. Medlin, Route 3, Columbia; E. L Catoe, 3304 Grand; Hardee B. Parler, 1409 Maple; H. L. Hawkins, Sr., Ballentine; J. P. Faust, Route 1, Irmo; Curtis W. Huckaby, Lykesland.

Also C. H. Ballentine, Route 1, Blythewood; J. C. Tolbert Addy, 3220 Amhearst; Elmer M. Austin, 804 Calhoun; John H. Smith, Route 1, Irmo; E. J. Cooper, 1413 Pickens: V. B. Burch, Route 1, Columbia; H. E. Martin, Midway; Daniel G. Goff, 2019 Lincoln; Irby Ott, 3719 Park; William W. Goodman, 1815 Liberty, and J. Earle Cromer, White Rock.

August 27, 1947  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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