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Jimmy Dorsey signing records in the Bradford record store on Main street yesterday as goggle-eyed women, photo hounds, auditioners and just plain fans (including electric) looked on and asked questions. And Jimmy, after having several pictures taken, saying, “You would think they’d run out of bulbs and film!” When quizzed, Mr. Dorsey disclosing that he plans to go to Lumberton, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Ashbury Park, New Jersey, and thence to his wife and home in Hollywood, where he will open at the Palladium in September.

A. T. Cook and J. D. Worthy, upstanding officers of the law, sitting down at police headquarters to get shoe shines last night before going on duty.

A. H. Ward of Aiken, state commander of American Legion, commenting on a recent experience of his in Hampton county. . . “I was in a sparsely settled part of the county and went into one of the county store to buy a scare item. They didn’t have it. I commented to another customer, “The necessities of life shure are hard to get these days, aren’t they?” . . . The stranger turned and replied, “Yeah, and when yuh get it, it ain’t fittin’ to drink.”

Commander Ward remembering a more-than-average money-conscious lawyer in Spartanburg who charged clients for every word he uttered . . . One of the dollars-and-cents-minded attorney’s patrons approached him on the street on sweltering day and remarked, “It sure is a hot day, today, hunh?” . . . They lawyer began, “Ah,” . . . Suddenly remembering, the warm citizen snapped quickly, “I’m not asking you now, just suggesting.”

Bob Burg beginning instrument training and flying to Atlanta on a night cross-country hop. . . Ralph W. “Bud” Lillard receiving his private license from Inspector Henry Leslie . . . Members of the Columbia Aero club preparing for a mass flight to Savannah where they’ll have an annual outing at the Oglethorpe hotel.

Miss Martha Sue Funderburk and Miss Sonnya Hamilton of Walterboro finding their schedule of engagements during a brief visit to Columbia so full that they didn’t have time to take a tour through the newspaper plant with Seen Here and There.

Columbia, after watching a Negro drilling a hole in the sidewalk of the 1200 block of Main street, remarking, “I don’t see why the city is drilling more holes; half the street in town have enough in them now to keep a crew busy for the next few years.”

Charles Sloan of Horrell HIll, serving his junior internship at the Baptist hospital, along with Jimmy Walker of Johnston and Billy Ragsdale of Hemingway . . . Frank Shealy of Little Mountain, pre-med student at USC, working at the Baptist hospital this summer.

Miss Ollie Belle Frith of the state board of health, celebrating her birthday yesterday.

Vernon Sharpe enlisting in the army for three years. His wife, who was before her marriage Miss Murtie Lee Sanders, and their two children, are living at 1001 Pope street.

Jesse Newton, son of Mrs. Mary Newton of Hopkins, being promoted to technician, fourth grade, in the 25th Infantry division in Japan.

Owen Edward Cook of Blaney, enlisting in the regular army for 18 months. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Cook . . . William Julius Myers, son of Willie Myers of Ridgeway, enlisting in the regular army. His wife, the former Miss Bernice Self, lives in Winnsboro with their nine-month-old daughter, Brenda Joyce.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS: T. B. Young of Florence, Robert B. Mobley of Columbia, G. F. Faile of Kershaw, Robert A Cooper of Laurens, new federal judge for Puerto Rico, R. M. Hitt, Jr., of Charleston, Col. N. B. Barnwell of Charleston, G. Walter Jacobs of Newberry.

Exchange club of Columbia organized May 12, 1940.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES; Justice and Mrs. Taylor H. Stukes of Manning, Mr. and Mrs. Walter F Going of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Myrick of Olar.

June 12, 1947  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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