Seen Here and There

Sun-browned lassie, about 25 years old, walking barefoot down a principal up-town street yesterday afternoon. Has it come to this.

Traffic officer finding an overtime ticket tied to the offending parking meter which had registered “Violation.” ON the ticket, the unlucky motorist had peened this note: “I went to get some change and, when I returned at 11:12, I put a nickel in the slot.” The ticket was made out at 11:10. Oh, those two minutes!

Ernest Merchant donating an electric alarm clock to the reference room of the Richland county public library. Maybe he hopes to wake up some of the summer-time visitors to the reference files.

Four business men refusing to give their names for the seen here and there colum yesterday afternoon on the grounds that “newspapers get us into trouble with our wives when we are away from home.”

Admiral L. T. DuBose, commandant of the Sixth Naval district, Charleston, telling of a “complimentary” experience he had on the West Coast soon after his promotion to admiral. . . . After notification from Washington of his elevation and an order to report to the national capital, the officer called his wife from a California hotel and broke the good news. Leaving the phone booth, he encountered the switchboard operator, an elderly lady of about 85 years, who approached him with a warm smile and an outstretched hand. “I want to be on of the first to congratulate you, admiral,” she said. “I’ve never had the opportunity of shaking hands with an admiral and I want to wish you a lot of luck. I hope they even promote you to a general.”

Twenty little Negro boys trying to play roll-at-the-bat baseball on a Washington street sandlot, but since only nine can play the game, so much argument ensuing that the game never got underway.

Two barefoot boy jumping across sunny spots on Main street sidewalk yesterday, moving fast to keep their feet from burning up.

Mayor Pro Tem Fred L. Mays saying that the hot weather spell during the past weekend apparently had one good effect anyway – it was just too hot for crime. Usually, he explained, the mayor and councilmen received telephone calls over the weekend from people who are either in trouble with the law themselves or have had someone, who should be in trouble but isn’t do something to them. Last week, however, there were no calls, he said.

Clifton Thomas of Mullins celebrating his birthday yesterday.

Sam Green of 115 Northwood street enlisting for three years in the army air force. Prior to this enlistment he served almost three years in the navy. His wife and daughter are living in Muscogee, Florida.

Paul Kermit Penley of Route 1, Blaney, enlisting for three years in the army air force. He has been living with this grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wilson of Blaney.

Another Blaney youth, Joseph Edward Smith, son of Mrs. Eva Smith, enlisting in the army air force for three days.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAYS: Lewellyn F. Pearce of Columbia, T. J. Hart of Vance, C. G. Vogell of Columbia, P. O. Powell, Jr., of Marion, Herman Brown, Jr., of Columbia, Andrew J. Hydrick of Orangeburg, Boyd B. Johnson of Columbia, Wade H. Rawlinson of Columbia, R. T. Goodale of Camden.

June 11, 1947  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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