Bluff Lodge News

A hayride and wiener roast were given by Miss Libby Amick and Miss Helen Wood for a group of young people of Lower Richland high school. Those attending were: Mildred Cook, Ethel Aliney, Anne Milne, Midget Long, Jerrie Amick, Azile Corley, Bennie Wiggins, Wade Epps, Ricky Godshell, Dukei Marshall, Bo Long, Gene Long, Lud Milne, Rufus Addison and Ronnie Godshall. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. … Continue reading Bluff Lodge News

Seen Here and There

Jimmy Dorsey signing records in the Bradford record store on Main street yesterday as goggle-eyed women, photo hounds, auditioners and just plain fans (including electric) looked on and asked questions. And Jimmy, after having several pictures taken, saying, “You would think they’d run out of bulbs and film!” When quizzed, Mr. Dorsey disclosing that he plans to go to Lumberton, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Ashbury … Continue reading Seen Here and There

Seen Here and There

Sun-browned lassie, about 25 years old, walking barefoot down a principal up-town street yesterday afternoon. Has it come to this. Traffic officer finding an overtime ticket tied to the offending parking meter which had registered “Violation.” ON the ticket, the unlucky motorist had peened this note: “I went to get some change and, when I returned at 11:12, I put a nickel in the slot.” … Continue reading Seen Here and There

Wicker – Young Wedding Plans

Miss Ermie Elizabeth Wicker of Pomaria and Columbia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Wicker of Pomaria, will become the bride of Howard Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chalmers Landy Young of Columbia, in a ceremony taking place at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, June 8, in St. Matthew’s Lutheran church, Pomaria. The Rev. M. T. Cullum, pastor, will officiate, and the wedding music is … Continue reading Wicker – Young Wedding Plans

All Of 5 Escapees Taken By Officers

Convicts Captured CAMDEN, June 4 – Five Negro fugitives from the Boykin prison farm near Sumter were captured near here at Blaney last night and today by officer, with the held of bloodhounds from the Kershaw county, farm. Their arrest complete the capture of all six who escaped last Sunday, on having been taken after bloodhounds had flushed him from woods near here Monday. Last … Continue reading All Of 5 Escapees Taken By Officers