Jurors Are Drawn

The Richland county jury commission met today and drew the Common Pleas jury panel for the second week of Common Please jury panel for the second week of Common Pleas court in the May term. (The second week opens May 13).

The panel follows:

James C. Siokos of 1411 Geiger avenue, J. D. Derrick, Jr., of Irmo, Route 1; Frank W. Ketchen of 2905 Duncan street, F. W. Wailing of 1416 Laurel street, Thomas S. Creason of 730 Beltline boulevard, B. G. Campbell of Lakesland, J. B. Brazell of Lykesland, Walter S. Hardeman of 1730 Belt Line, A. F. Walker of Lykesland, Monckion Hook of 4208 Ridgewood avenue, James E. Harmon of Lykesland, J. S. Scott of Eastover, James M. Davis of 517 Graymont avenue, Fred G. Smith of Winnsboro, Route 3; Joseph B. Mason of 611 South Woodrow street.

Alexander B. Sheen of Sheen of 2530 Wilmot avenue, L. C. Moltz of 4012 Trenholm road, W. T. Cameron of 200 South Woodrow street, E. M. Quimby of 137 SOuth Pickens street, Ralph L. Hall of Columbia, Route 4; George H. Ropp of 2401 Cypress street, Eugene H. Salmon of 1211 Devonshire road, J. W. Kirby of 3612 Main street, Douglas R. Corley of 4225 Devereaux road, A. C. Addison of Eastover, Charles E. Joy of 1406 College drive, G. J. Sheely of Ballentine, Frank O Black of 2822 Blossom street, I. J. Jacobs of Pontiac, T. L. Mets of 314 Denny road,  A. B. Everettt of 515 Saulda avenue, G. A. Rhodes of 2818 Wheat street, Levy Jacobs of Blaney, Route 2; G. R. Beckham of Blythewood, Route 1; George E McCabe of 2200 Academy Way, and Clifford R. Raysor of 1626 Hollywood drive.

1946.04.30 - Jurors Are Drawn
April 30, 1946 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) Columbia, South Carolina Page 14

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