Jurors Are Drawn

Robert L. Beard, county (civil) court bailiff, said the jury commission today drew the following jurors for the county court term which will open Monday, April 29, before Judge Legare Bates:

Frank Seigler of 1106 Price street, Curtis W. Huckaby of Lykesland, Hughie H. Clayton of 1101 Bryan street, Frank Cunningham of 1822 Rosewood drive, W. W. Hill, Jr., of 1413 1-2 Assembly street, S. L. Shannon of Edgewold, Robert B. Roof of Columbia, Route 4; W. H. Ballentine of Terrace Way. W. F. Sharpe of 104 King street, W. A. Denny of 2831 Sheffield, J. H. Roberts of Columbia, Route 3; Thomas Bachis of 1208 Assembly street.

Willie Cunningham of 5119 Main Street, Jack Thompson of 1119 Greenstreet, Joseph Riley of 3316 Abingdon road, Harris L. Williams of 1101 Woodrow Street, W. C. Gilliman of 2930 Duke avenue, Walter E. Tilley, Jr., of Congaree.

Wilbur H. Martin of 4118 Trenholm Road, Samuel R. Spencer, Jr., of 2430 Wheat Street, D. D. Murphy of 515 Denny road, L. H. Harper of 1719 Gervais street, Walter W. Hane of 3319 Devereaux road, Thomas Moody of 117 Lincoln street, C. A. Rhodes of 2818 Wheat Street, Eugene Ashbury of 1430 Marion street, R. H. Lucius of 2712 Calhoun street, E. S. Galloway of 1148 Olympia avenue, Willie Jacobs of Blaney, Route 2; R. P. Kapp of 1529 Tanglewood, Albert J Ross of Columbia, Route 3; W. Frank Turbyfill of 3904 Marstella avenue, William H. Morris of 800 Woodrow street.

1946.04.17 - Jurors Are Drawn
April 17, 1946 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) Columbia, South Carolina Page 13

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