Jury Panel Drawn for Extra Term

A panel of 35 jurymen was drawn Friday to serve during the third week, beginning April 22,  of the general session (criminal) court.

Two-thirds of the cases on the large April docket were cleared during the first week of court, but this fast procedure was made possible by a large number of guilty please.

Most of the 30-odd case remaining on docket will be contested. Eleven are homicides.

Those named to jury service were:

Robert T. Clarke, 611 Holly; R. H. McKinnon, Lykesland; James M. Smith, 2201 Wheat; P. G. Shener, 915 King; Wilfrid P. Benson, Heathwood Court apartments; Henkle Eargle, Route 1, Irmo; Roy R. Reynolds, 301 Denny; W. C. Powell, 2582 Gervais; James M. Moss, 1130 Hagood, and A. D.Dukes, 3317 Duncan.

Also, Fred A. Krell, 2805 Millwood; Lovick O. Thomas, 322 S. Pickens; Sexton Buff, 2219 Hickory; J. K. George, 2803 Park; John M. Miller, 2428 Devine; C. G. Grant, 103 Assembly; Carter Shirely, 402 Pall Mall; H. H. Keely, Eastover; Thomas A Waites, Jr. 2901 Trenholm, and J.A. Sanders, 603 S Waccamaw.

Also, John H. Banks, Route 2, Blaney; Robert W. Albia, 720 Maple; Robert C Fennell, 319 S Waccamaw; S. O. Goodale, 5314 Colonial; C. F.Young, 2615 River; H. A. Smith, 1505 Belt Line; I. C. Spires, 810 Tyron; Robert H. McElveen, 1408 Maple; A. J. McElveen, 1101 Taylor, and Arthur W. Davis, Lykesland.

Also,Frank Hartsville, 2859 Gervais; C. E. Stork, 4109 Main; S. C.Williams, Hopkins; Eddie Wages; Edgewood; J. H.Jones, 5307 Third.

1946.04.14 - Jury Panel Drawn for Extra Term
April 14, 1946 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 12

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