You Are Invited To Attend

You are invited to Attend

The F. F. A. Purebred
Livestock Showing

At The Fairwold Stockwards
Friday, December 7, 1945
Free to the Public

The Cow, The Hog, The Hen,
The Prosperity Trio
For Our Southern Agriculture

Prize Awards
Purebred Heifer Calves
Purebred Bull Calves
Purebred Gilt Pigs
Baby Chickens

Show Time Schedule
11:00 to 12:00 – Entry Time
12:00 to 12:30 – Lunch
12:300 to 1:00 – Boys Chapter Judging
1:00 to 3:00 – Official Judging
3:00 to       – Awarding of Prizes

Following Schools and F. F. A., Chapter Members will take part in Exhibiting or Judging the 72 Purebred Hogs and Compete for Livestock Prizes.

Blaney School
Teacher – C. E. Young
Harold Price, Hilton Reynolds, Lindsay Chassatt, Kenneth Moore, Jasper Moak, Beecher Strickland, Claude Campbell.

Fairview School
Teacher – Leon H Pursley
George Rish, Marvia Hall, James Gunter, Duane Smith, Everett Knceece, Adger Dunbar, Gnatt Rish, W. A. Boatwright, Francis Kyzer.

Swansea High School
Teacher – W. P. Leapheart
Herbert Inablmet, W. L. Stephens, Elton Hutto, Albert Smith, James Jeffcoat, Lealer Jeffcoat.

Batesburg-Leesville School
Teacher – S. A. Murphy
Charles Addy, Elmer McCullough, James Oxner, Murray Taylor, Denxil Ready, Javas Oxner, Ellis Riser, Pat Derrick.

Gilbert School
Teacher – C. P. Shealy
Herbert Long, Sollee Bedenbaugh, Ralph Frazier, Harvey Shealy, Norris Hayes.

Blythewood School
Teacher – M. M. Sawyer
Thomas Lomas, E. J. Wilson, Bobby Boney, Melvin Freeman, Sam Mattox, Ralph Ballentine, Robert Heins, David Hipp, Edward Mattox

Brookland-Cayce School
Teacher – H. W. Harmon
Martin Mathias, Edward Bristow, Charles Price, Harry Bauknight, W. T. Koon.

Irmo School
Teacher – E. H. Harlface
J. D. Drafts, Calvin Koon, Furman Koon, Ray Clark, Alva Ray Ballentine, Cecil Meetze.

Columbia High School
Teacher – F. W. Shore
Lawrence Davis, Wayland Davis, Jesse Wessinger, Keith Eargle, Raymond Cooke, Jack Allison.

Chapin School
Teacher – L. B. Bedenbaugh
Tyler Robinson, James F. Wessinger, Raymond Eargle, John Shealy, Frank Shealy, Donald Hasteler.

Lexington School
Teacher – H. O. Harmon
Kenneth Sox, Elford Roof, Boyd Wingard, David Smith, Daniel Smith, Dan Sease, David Archeart, Dial Rawl, Clarence Shull.

Dentsville School
Teacher – B. Peckman
Curtis Martin, J. L. Johnson, Charlie Miles, Dewitt Thigpen, Frank Jacobs, Amos Terry, Stanford  Keels.

This Project, Accepted and Conducted by the Vocational Agriculture Teacher in Above Schools and
Sponsored by the Sears – Roebuck Foundation
To Promote the Development and Progress of Purebred Livestock in the Columbia Trade Area.

1945.12.05 - You are Invited To Attend
December 5, 1945 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) Columbia, South Carolina Page 11

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