Wade Butler Evans

1878 Wade Butler Evans was born November 25, 1878, in Fairfield County, South Carolina, the son of William Rayfeal Evans and Martha Cornelia Nicholson Evans. 1880 Census Information: According to the US Census Reported on June 3, 1880, William D Evans (39) lived in Fairfield County, South Carolina with his wife, Martha C Evans (31) and children; Lawrence D Evans (13), Eunice M Evans (11), … Continue reading Wade Butler Evans

Timmons Case in Court Here is Mistrial

a mistrial was declared at 9:15 last night when the jury failed to agree in the case against Miss Annie Mary Timmons in Richland county general session court. An indictment against Miss Timmons, charging “housebreaking with intent to commit crime.” was prepared by Solicitor T Pou Taylor. Capt. E. L. Faust, who rented the apartment, at 208 Sims avenue, which Miss Timmons allegedly entered, was … Continue reading Timmons Case in Court Here is Mistrial

Hearing Set Tomorrow on Epes’ Appeal

The hearing on the motion for a new trail in the Epes case will be held tomorrow morning in General Sessions court, Solicitor T. Pou Taylor of the Fifth Judicial Circuit, stated in open court today, and Judge Arthur Lee Gaston of Chester dismissed all jurors except those hearing the Timmon’s case this afternoon until 11 a.m. tomorrow. The hearing will mark another defense effort … Continue reading Hearing Set Tomorrow on Epes’ Appeal

You Are Invited To Attend

You are invited to Attend The F. F. A. Purebred Livestock Showing At The Fairwold Stockwards Friday, December 7, 1945 Free to the Public The Cow, The Hog, The Hen, The Prosperity Trio For Our Southern Agriculture Prize Awards Purebred Heifer Calves Purebred Bull Calves Purebred Gilt Pigs Baby Chickens Show Time Schedule 11:00 to 12:00 – Entry Time 12:00 to 12:30 – Lunch 12:300 … Continue reading You Are Invited To Attend