Jury To Get Indictments Here Tuesday

Eleven new indictments charging alleged assault and battery with intent to kill will be present to the Richland County Grand Jury. Horace T Jacobs, foreman, when that body meets Tuesday morning at the courthouse at the opening of the Fall term of court.

The 11 cases will be in addition to four carry-over indictments from the last term in which true bill have been returned.

Thus the total of 17 cases – in case true bills are returned in the new series of allegations — would constitute the largest number of violence cases in any term in the recent years of court here. The cases are in addition to the hold-over charges of murder and new indictments on that count, which represent a total of five cases where alleged violence resulted in the death of the victim.

Cases Listed

According to the cases on file with the solicitor for the Fifth Judicial Chief T. Don Taylor, the holdover cases are;

The State against Rufus A Sligh and his son Rufus Jefferson Sligh of the Dutch Fork section charged with the alleged shooting and wounding in the hand September 14, 1944, of Sgt A Kulwanawiski of the Columbia Army Air Base and a guest that day in the home of Mr. Sligh, brother -in-law and neighbor, George Sloan.

The State against Paul Turner of Columbia, for alleged shooting, April 4, in the 1900 block of Huger street of William Wright of Columbia.

Baker Case Set

The State against Dr. T. C. Baker of Columbia for allegedly throwing a liquid substance, April 18, 1942, into the eyes of J. L. Rodgers of West Columbia and Columbia. One grand jury failed to return a true bill. Mr. Rodgers allegedly became blinded as result of the alleged incident.

The State against A. J. Browne for the alleged shooting near the state fairgrounds, October 17, 1944 of (TEXT UNREADABLE).
The new cases prepared for consideration of the Grand Jury, are as follows

New Case

The State against Frank D McNulty, for allegedly shooting at City Radio Police Officer W. V. Pascal, June 4, at the Marmac hotel. Other officers present included Lt. J. R. Hendeson, Jr., who was with Officer Paschal, Sgt. Henry W Harris, Detectives Frank M. McNeill, Jr., and B. C. Inabinet and Detective Sgt. Leo C. Williams.

The State against Talmadge Goff and Mendel Goff for the alleged attack July 20, at Dreyfuss street upon Murdock Williams. Mr. Williams suffered for jaw fractures, according to the charges contained in the indictment.

The State against Effie Lou Wilson for the alleged stabbing, June 9 at 1222 I-2 Gregg street, of Virginia Woodward.

The State against Ada R Taylor, 24, for the alleged stabbing recently, at 822 Pendleton Street, of Addie Lee Davis of Columbia.

Other Cases Up

The State against Elizabeth Lowery, Rosa Belle James and Catherine James for the alleged stabbing and beating of a resident of Arthurtown, last May 6.

The State against Haynes Livingston for the alleged stabbing of Frank Kennedy of Columbia, August 4, at the intersection of Pine and Reed streets Kennedy’s wounds required 41 stitches to close, according to allegations contained in the warrant.

The State against Amelia Wilson, 22, for alleged stabbing May 20 in Richland county fo Floyd Leitner.

The State against Luther Gaston (three separate cases) one for the alleged stabbing July 6 in Columbia of Laura Gaston; one for the alleged beating with an iron pipe of Laura Gaston, August 21, at State Park one for the the alleged beating August 21 at State Park of Roxanna Reeves.

The State against Willie Young (two cases) for the alleged striking with a shotgun and a shovel of Helen Young, March 4 at Pinsuchen ten miles from Columbia; and against Willie young for the alleged shooting March 15, of Helen Young.

The State against Henry Richardson for the alleged beating with iron pipe May 29 at 533 Pendleton street of a Columbia residents, who allegedly received a broken left arm and other injuries.

The State against Joseph Geiger for alleged stabbing June 2 at Irmo of one Samuel Reeves.

The state against Purvis Jones for the alleged stabbing July 31, infront of 924 Pendleton street of Edward Green, 16. Jones who is 21, allegedly stabbed the younger boy so seriously that he may lose the use of his arm.

With more than 80 new indictments prepared including five slaying cases, two at least of which are expected to be protracted, it did not appear that there would be much possibility of clearing the docket – even though a number of guilty please are to be received the first week of court.

Judge A. L. Gaston of Chester, will preside.

1945.08.30 - Jury To Get Indictments Here Tuesday
August 30, 1945 Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record) Columbia, South Carolina Page 1

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