Vacation Bible Schools

For the first time the churches of Columbia and the recreational department of the social agencies are cooperating in planning for the children and young people for their summer activities.

Daily Vacation Bible Schools

All Lutheran churches; Second week in June.

Presbyterian: Shandon, second week in June; Eau Claire, June 17-28; Rose Hill; not definite; Covant Chapel (Rosewood), June 18-29.

Baptist: First, Shandon, Park Street, Pine Crest (Denny Terrace), Eau Claire, Blaney, Rosewood, Broadway, Kilbourne Park, Colonia Heights, Tabernacle, Forest Drive chapel, harmony, Fornance chapel, Earlewood, Greenlawn, Southside, all second week in June.

Methodist: Whaley Street, June 17; Main Street, June 11; Green Street, June 18.

June 3, 1945  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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