City Recreational Program

Columbia Children’s Clinic – Swimming and Recreation – 3 to 6- All days except Saturday and Sunday. Richland County Public Library – Story Hour at 4 every Friday; Young American’s Book club 9 to 9 every weekday. Richland County Girl Scouts Day Camp – 8:30 to 5, June 18- July 12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday each week, Girl Scout Camp on Old Winnsboro road. Young … Continue reading City Recreational Program

Vacation Bible Schools

For the first time the churches of Columbia and the recreational department of the social agencies are cooperating in planning for the children and young people for their summer activities. Daily Vacation Bible Schools All Lutheran churches; Second week in June. Presbyterian: Shandon, second week in June; Eau Claire, June 17-28; Rose Hill; not definite; Covant Chapel (Rosewood), June 18-29. Baptist: First, Shandon, Park Street, … Continue reading Vacation Bible Schools

Salem Church Revival To Close Sunday Night

The revival meeting which has been in-progress since Monday at Salem Methodist church, Blaney, will come to a close Sunday night, the final service of the series being scheduled for 8:30. The sermon will be delivered by the Rev. W. Fred Hedgepath, pastor of St. Marks Methodist church, who has been preaching during the week. The Sunday night service will be the only one at … Continue reading Salem Church Revival To Close Sunday Night

John Gillard Monroe

1855 John Gillard Monroe was born in 1855 in Richard county to Isham J Monroe and Ellen B Percival Monroe. 1920 According to the United States census reported on January 10, 1920, J G Monroe (35) rented a home in Pontiac, Richland County, South Carolina with his wife Minnie Monroe (27) and their children; Dezma Monroe (10), Hezma Monroe (8), Fannie Monroe (5), William Monroe … Continue reading John Gillard Monroe