South Carolina Fighting Men Serve Country

Pvt. John C. Smith of Winnsboro is serving somewhere in Italy. He entered the army in March, 1944, and took his basic training at Camp Blanding, Fla., and Fort Meade, Md. His wife, the former Miss Melvina Peake and their two small children are making their home in Winnsboro.

Cpl. Wallace T. Gunter, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gunter of 5715 Farrow road, is now in combat in the Pacific, according to a letter received by his wife, the former Miss Vera Holt of 3201 Colonial drive. For the past 23 months Corporal Gunter has been assigned to duties in Australia, New Guinea and the admiralty Island. Before going overseas he was stationed at Fort Belvoir, Va., and Fort Ord, Galif. He entered the service March 2, 1941.

Pvt. Ernest R. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Smith of West Columbia, went into the army in October, 1943, and took his training at Fort Eustis, Va., and Camp McCain, Miss. Going overseas in July, 1944, he has served in England, France, Belgium, Holland and German and is now in a hospital in England. his wife, the former Miss Quilla Mae Mathias, and their son are making their home with her sister, Mrs. L. T. Hammond of West Columbia.

First Lieut. E. F. Martin, Jr., has reported to Fort Ord, Calif., after spending a 15-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Martin, of 3103 Hope avenue. He has been stationed at Camp Hood, Texas, for the past two years.

Pfc. William D. Summer, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Summer of Pomaria, has been cited by the Eleventh Armored Infantry battalion of the First Armored division and awarded the Combat Infantryman badge for participation in combat against the enemy with Lieut. Gen. Mark Clark’s Fifth Army in Italy.

Pfc. P. C. Broome, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Broome of 3109 Colonial drive, has written to his parents that he has arrived safely on one of the Marianas Islands. Private Broome is attached to a service squadron of a Marine Air wing. A graduate of Columbia high school, he was inducted this past April.

Sgt. Calvin C. Knight, son of J. C. Knight of Swansea, entered the army May 5, 1944, and took his training at Fort Jackson, Fort Bragg, N. C., and Fort Meade, Md. Going overseas in December, 1943, he was stationed first in Northern Ireland and went into combat in Germany, where he fought for five months. He was wounded November 24 and is now in a hospital in England.

First Lieut. Kenneth R. Bull, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Bull of Cameron, was promoted to his present rant recently at Camp Gruber, Okla. Lieutenant Bull, who is 20 years old, received his basic training at Camp Wheeler, Ga, and was commissioned at Fort Benning, Ga., in February, 1944. He has two brothers serving overseas, Lieut. Bartow Bull, with the Air corps in France, and Lieut. Lloyd Bull, serving in England.

Pvt. Claude B. Motley, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Motley of Blaney, has been home on leave with his parents recently. He has been in service 18 weeks and completed his training at Camp Blanding, Fla. Private Motley left January 1 for Fort Meade, Md.

Cpl. William K. Timmons, son of Mrs. W. E. Timmons and the late W. C. Timmons of Columbia, has arrived safely in India. A graduate of Olympia high school in 1942, he volunteered the following October for the Air corps and was stationed at Shaw Field before going overseas.

Pvt. John P. Ballington, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Ballington of Lexington, entered the service December 10, 1943, and received his training at Camp Gordon Johnston, Fla., in amphibious engineering. He was sent overseas in August, 1944, and is now serving in the South Pacific. His wife, the former Miss Marguerite Paxton, and two little girls, Peggy Joyce and Bonny, are making their home with his parents. He has a brother in service, Pvt. J. W. Ballington, Jr., who entered the army October 4, 1944, and is now training for the infantry at Camp Blanding, Fla.

S2c Charles Marion Bickenbaker, son of Mrs. Myra Moore of 1921 Park street, entered service in September, 1944, and took his training at Bainbridge, Md. He was home on leave in November and is now stationed at Bainbridge.

M2c Brantley Chaney, USNR, son of L. S. Chaney of State Park, was home on leave during December. He entered the navy June 5, 1944, and took his training at Bainbridge, Md., and was then sent to Mare Island, Calif., where he has been stationed since July 19 . His wife the former Miss Thelma Sturkie of Swansea, and their three children, Junelle, Eunelle and Brantley, Jr., have been living in Cayce but are planning to join him in February.

RDM3c Garnett A. Rish of Swansea entered the service October 13, 1943, and received his training at Great Lakes Naval Training station and NOrfolk, Va., before going to the Pacific. Before entering the service, he was employed by C. D. Kenny company. His wife, the former Miss Julia Hutto, is making her home is Swansea.

Pvt. George E. Turbeville, son of Mrs. J. M. Turbeville of 3505 Rosewood drive, recently spent a tenday furlough with his family. He has been in service of six months and is in the transportation corps. He is now stationed at Camp Gordon Johnston, Fla.

Pvt. Joseph D. Stallings, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Stallings of Ballentine, was home from his station at Craig Field, Ala., recently. A graduate of Irmo high school, he has been in the army since April.

January 28, 1945  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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