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Gen, D. G. Richart, commanding officer at Fort Jackson, remarking at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ association conference yesterday that the co-operation of the Columbia Police department with Fort Jackson has been so good that he does not even know where the police department is located. . . . Acknowledging that this is strong indication of the excellent work of the department with the fort, since he (General Richart) does not have to frequently call at the department and make requests.

H. S. (“Dick”) Reeves of Charleston telling South Carolina sheriffs yesterday one of the best jokes in Negro or Gullah dialect heard in Columbia in many moons. . . . Mr. Reeves, on being asked to write it out, saying he had put it in writing only once and that for Lady Astor of England after she heard it at an entertainment for her in Charleston . . . . He mailed the copy to her in London and prizes highly the letter he received in acknowledgement.

Housewives of the city reminded to prepare tin cans for the regular tin collection this morning and urged to put the cans out early so that the collection can be completed today.

Dr. James H. Hope explaining the correct way to crack pecans – not just any old way but carefully, opposite the two indentations on either side of the shell so the kernel won’t break in too many pieces . . . . Yeoman Jason Ammons of the navy recruiting headquarters seen taking ten of his shipmates, out at lunch time for a duck dinner . . . . This time, however, it was a case of “you bring the ducks,” as he had shot them himself on a recent hunting expedition in his home section of the state. . . . Famous last words uttered by a Shawac married in Sumter recently . . . . The double ring ceremony was rather short, and after the minister pronounced the last words, the WAC private in a loud voice exclaimed: “Is that all?”

Mrs. Benzie Rice of Green street spending a few days in Washington . . . . Quentin Q. Cannon, formerly night office man at the sheriff’s office, now in the navy, visiting the county deputies . . . . County Commissioners J. L. Cotton and D. A. Swygert, stopping by the county supervisor’s office yesterday.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY: Edward P. Cave of Columbia, Dr. B. Owen Ravenel of Charleston, William Egleston of Columbia, and navy, Clyde W. Dent of Columbia, S. W. Rose of Blaney, C. R. Page of Aynor, J. S. Bass of Hartsville, Hugh G. Brown of Sumter, W. L. Smoak of Cordova, Samuel B. Love of Charlottesville, Va., Dr. Charlton A. Brown of Columbia, Spencer B. Walker of Beaufort.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Odom of Bennettsville.

January 24, 1945  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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