News From State Park

State Park – (Special) – Sunday school was taught in the chapel Sunday morning by Miss Parl Gregory.

The Rev. Hopkins Weston of Trinity Episcopal church, Columbia, conducted services in the chapel Thursday night.

Recent visitors of Mrs. Frank Johnson were Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Camp of Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Stevenson of Laurens.

Mrs. Lucyle Dargan of Greenville spent the weekend with Mrs. Ben Lever.

Misses Marion and Maetrude Bull enjoyed as recent company Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bull and Hydrich Carson of Cope and Mrs. Olin Williams and small son, David, of Bamberg.

The Rev. Albert Steminermann of Little Mountain visited Miss Clara Fulmer recently.

Henry McElveen and Mrs. B. W. McElveen were guests of Miss Irene McElveen last week.

Sunday company of Miss Louise Marsh included Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Marsh of Blythewood and Mrs. Hattie Jones of Lebon, Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Wilbanks, Robert Wilbanks, Miss Edna Privette and Miss Jessie Wilbanks of Rock Hill and Miss Neely Reid of Columbia visited Mrs. J. N. Reid on Sunday.

Misses Bruce and Jane McDonald of Columbia were Saturday visitors of Mrs. W. L. McMillan.

Recent company of Mrs. C. H. Walden included Mrs. Ola Bell Emory, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Walden and Walter McGaha of Greenville, Mrs. R. C. Turbeville and Mrs. Pearl Teal of Columbia.

Miss Dell Hancock had as Sunday visitors Mr. and Mrs. Lex Watson, Gayle and Buddy Watson, Sgt. Francis Marion Smiley and Mrs. Smiley and Miss Verna Bennett, all of Columbia.

Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Wade of Jonesville and Miss Bell Gault of Charlotte, N. C., were recent guests of Miss Nettie Gault.

Weekend company of Mrs. Vernon Garner included Vernon Garner of Union and Lonnie Gregory of Adamsbug.

Sunday visitors of Mrs. Albert Logan were Jack Holliday and Albert Logan of Sumter.

Miss Mildred Prince enjoyed as recent guests Mrs. Ethel Sligh and Miss Mary Sligh of Whitmire, Billy Sligh of USN and Miss Flossie Sligh of Newberry.

Thursday visitors of Miss Reba Cochran were Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Dean and Alice Dean of Macon, Ga., Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Jameson and Irene Jameson of Elizabeth City, N. C.

Mrs. Myrtle Teague had as recent company Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Teague of Laurens, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Teague and Sara Teague of Greer and Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Harmon of Spartanburg.

Johnny Ingram had as weekend guest Mrs. Gladys Ingram and son and Fred Hodge.

Weekend visitors of Mrs. H. S. Cochran were Sgt. Harry S. Cochran and Harry Cochran, Jr., Mrs. E. M. Miller, Chris Suber, the Rev. Mr. McDonald, Miss Pauline Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Fellers, Dr. F. Ray Riddle and J. Wheeler of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McElveen fo St. Matthews, Mr. and MRs. Mrs. E. M. McElveen, Jr., and Miss Sallie Nelson of Alcolu and Capt. N. R. McElveen of Little Rock, Ark.

Miss Evelyn Alexander and Mrs. Gladys Cochrane of Charlotte, N. C., visited Jack Taddock Sunday.Mr. and MRs. W. F. Rowell of Columbia were Sunday guests of Robert Lee Collins.

Mrs. Dan Fase of Mullins was a Sunday visitor of Douglas McLaurin.

Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Peak of Columbia and Jack Tucker of Blaney visited T. B. Tucker recently.

Sunday company of K. B. Floyd included Mrs. T. H. Rush, Mrs. L. C. Floyd and Mrs. K. B. Floyd, all of Olanta.

Visiting C. S. Land Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Plowden and Mrs. S. C. Land of Manning, Lieut. Mary F. Land of Fort Jackson and Mrs. R. S. Dugan of Columbia.

J. D. Williams had as recent company Mrs. J. D. Williams and children of Laurens and John Jones of Greenville.

Mr. and Mrs. Carey Laird and son of North visited L. D. Sturkie last week.

Mrs. Joe F. Dean of Sumter visited her husband, J. F. Dean during the Christmas holidays.

Recent visitors of Mrs. Leon Liles included C. L. Liles, C. L. Liles, Jr., and Wilma Liles, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Featherstone, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Patrick, J. D. Patrick, Nancy and Harlean Patrick, all of Charlotte, N. C.

Miss Arneta Lambert enjoyed as recent visitors Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lambert of Georgetown, Mr. and MRs. Hildebrand Cribb and Mrs. Durham Collins of Hemingway.

Visiting Mrs. J. H. Sandel Sunday were J. D. Sandel, Dan Dandel, Lee Sandel and Billy Sandel, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Eargle and Mrs. J. N. Creel, all of Little Mountain.

W. K. McManus, Mr. and Mrs. E. Nixon, Mrs. Warren Johnson and Julius Nixon of Hartsville were recent guests of Mrs. W. K. McManus.

Holiday visitors of Mrs. Cora Grice included Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lockhart, Mrs. Willie Derrick, Miss Gertrude Derrick, Misses Julia Allgood and Gertrude Allgood, Miss Dean McColl and Miss Louise Petty of Columbia and Jack Derrick of Baltimore, Md.

Miss Viola Massingill was visited recently by Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Massingill, Hazeleen Massingill, Mary Ellen Massingill, and Doris Ann Massingill of Easley and Col. Folger H. Massingill and Mrs. Massingill of Fort Bragg. N. C.

Sunday guests of Miss Hazel Rountree were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Roundtree of Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wharton and Mary Ann Wharton of Columbia.

Weekend company of Miss Marie McCarthy included Mr. and Mrs. W. F. McCartha, Mrs. F. L. McCartha and Miss Lorraine McCartha of Chapin, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kleckley of Garrisville, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Kleckley, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCartha and Mrs. Frank Lorick of Columbia.

January 6, 1945  State (published as The State)  
Columbia, South Carolina
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