AME Church Appointments Announced

LEXINGTON, Nov. 7. – Ministerial appointments of the Columbia AME conference, which closed its session at Lexington Sunday, were annouce by Bishop Frank Madison Reed. The final meeting was attended by some 2,000 persons from Winnsboro, Columbia, Newberry, and other nearby communities.

The following appointments were announced by the bishop:

Columbia district; The Rev. T. H. Addison, presiding elder, Bethel Station, C. E. Hill, Emmamuel, J. C. Bates, Chappelle Station, St. James, A. D. Dawkins, Lexington, I. O. Simmons: Stover, T. J. Curry, Calvary, A. A. Amaker; Double Branch, B. C. Cunningham; Young Chapel, M. W. Jackson, Irmo, W. G. Owens Edgefield, S. J. Johnson; St. Paul, N. A. Rice; Little Mountain, C. C. McWain; Bishop Memorial, H. Butler.

Newberry District; W. B. L. Clarke, presiding elder; Miller Chapel, B. F. Sumter; Shiloah, W. W. Williams; St. James, K. L. Moore, Mt. Hebron, W. R. Bowman; Silver Street, J. N. Caughman, Hannah, J. S. Martin: Providence, J. J. Reddin: Wateree, J. P. Curry; Brown Chapel, W. S. Young, St. Matthews, H. S. Bonaparte Mt. Oliver, C. L. Frazier; Zion, E. B. Boyd, Lizey, David Boyd; Rock Hill, J. B. Davis; Whitmire, J. D. Abney; Peake, J. M. Autry.

Spartanburg District; O. C. Durham, presiding elder, Greater Trinity, J. M. Dawkins; Trinity, W. M. McDonalds, Bethel Station, B. J. Finklea; New Chapel, J. H. Baten; Carlislie, H. H. Redmont, Eastern, I. S. Burrells, Wayman, A. B. King; St. John, S. E. Martin; Free Hope, H. H. Gallmany; Mt. Olive, R. D. Jackson; Ridgeway, J. C. Hilton; Rice Chapel, J. W. Hall.

Lancaster District; W. J. Robinson, presiding elder, St. Paul, T. E. Robinson; High Hill, R. A. Young; St. Phillips, T. H. Weather; Bethel, P. P. McFarland; Legree, N. A. Gary, St. Paul, W. H. Walker; Willow Grove, F. W. Leas; Mill Creek, J. B. Brown, Shiloah, Eugene Jones; Blaney, E. L. Jones, St. Phillip mission, J. B. Sutton, Mt. Arat, A. J. Jackson.

The Rev. D. J. Zeigler was transferred from the Columbia Conference to Mt. Zion at Sellers in the Northeast Conference.

The Rev. H. I. Smith of Prosperity was transferred to Unionville Church in the Northeast Conference.

November 7, 1944  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
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