County Court Jurors Drawn

The jury panel drawn yesterday for the Richland county court of general session, to covene April 17, bears the following 36 names:

Horace V. Coleman, 3119 Wheat street; A. C. Addison, Eastover; Fred Graham, 410 Waccamaw; Thomas F. Shealy, Columbia route 3; William Verner, 1715 Senate: R. G. Dubose, Eastover; W. E. Davis, 1411 Muller avenue: T. W. Sharpe, Blythewood; Alexander C. Calvo, 5624 Colonia drive; S. J. Kinsler, Columbia, route 1; T. C. Eleazer, route 1, Irmo; E. L. Shealy, Balentine.

J. R. Rochardson, Columbia, route 2; Ernest L. Tarlton, 411 South Gregg street; Hamilton Osborne, 316 Wateree Avenue; Hugh L. Knight, 810 Fourth street; J. G. Cook, Jr., Hopkins; Joe P. Hinson, 728 Wildwood; J. R. Shaffer, 4723 Main street; B. E. Jones, Lykesland; W. Lee Youngblood, YMCA; George R. Rembert, 1715 Devine Street; E. R. Smith, 7906 Duncan street; R. H. McCrarey, 1513 Blanding street; Henry H. Eleazer, College Place; Rema P. Counts, 411 Denny road:

Silas Burdell, 527 Green street; Wesley F. Thompson, Jr., in United States army: L. W. Hornsby, College Place: Donald McEween, Blaney, route 2; Earle Sloan, 1712 Gervais street; J. F. Watts, Palmetto Lane: J. E. Sites, Irmo, route 1; J. C. Metz, Irmo, route 1; J. B. Taylor, Columbia, route 3; and R. W. Dinkins, 3309 Elmhurst.

April 4, 1944  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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