AME Pastors Are Assigned

By W. R. Bowman

Union, Oct. 31- Thousands of people heard Dr. W. W. Harris of Chicago preach the ordination sermon this morning to the conference of the AME church from the text, “Thou Art The Christ.” Bishop J. S. Flipper, in the final remarks, thanked the citizens of Union for their hospitality and announced the appointments.

The are as follows:

Columbia districts, W. B. L. Clarke, presiding elder, Bethel station, R. J. Jefferson: Emanuel station, J. C. Bates: Chapple station, E. R. Roberson; Stover, J. B. Brown; double Branch, B. C. Cunningham: Lexington, L. O. Simmons; Saluda, C. A. Dunlap; Irmo, C. A. Dunlap; Little Mountain, H. H. Redmont; Broad River, N. A. Rice; Calvary, A. A. Amaker; Edgefield, S. J. Johnson; Bishop Memorial, H. B. Butler, Jr.: Rock Hill, J. G. Lybrand; YOung Chapel, M. W. Jackson; Countsville, W. W. Williams; Johnson, Henry Mickens; Pine Grove, A. J. Jackson; Conference Evangelist, W. E. Lee; district Evangelists J. M. Williams and P. P. Burt.

Newberry district, O. C. Durham, presiding elder Miller Chaper, B. F. Sumter; Shiloah, H. S. Smith; St. James, K. L. Moore; Providence, J. E. Dixon; Silverstreet, J. N. Caughman, Mt. Hebron, W. R. Bowman, Hannah, T. E. Robinson; Newberry, W. S. Young; Wateree, J. P. Curry; Litgsey, David Boyd: Zion and Tranquill, E. B. Boyd; Peaks, J. W. Wortz; Whitemine, J. D. Abney; Rock Hill, J. B. Davis.

Spartanburg district, T. H. Addison, Presiding Elder Great Tranty, J. M. Dawkins, Trenty, W. M. McDoniel; Bethel, B. J. Finklea: Wayman, A. B. King; Eastern, I. S. Burrell: White Hall, W. M. Brown; Shady Grove, C. B. Cook; Mt. Zion, C. C. McMillian; Little White Hall, J. M. Dawkins; Taylor Chapel, H. T. Summers; Fairview, W. S. Treasvant; St. John, S. E. Martin: New Chapel, J H. Baten: Free Hope, H. H. Garmony; Ridgeway, J. C. Hilton; Lancaster dist. W. J. Robison, presiding elder High Hill, R. A. Young; St. Phillip, T. H. Weather; Bethel, P. P. McFarland; St. Paul, J. S. Martin; Brown Chapel, T. F. Churry; Willow Grove, W. H. Walker: Blaney, C. E. Frazier; Wedgefield, F. C. Laws; Mt. Arrat, R. E. Taylor; Mill Creek, J. H. Burrough; St. James, T. H. Ringer; Jacob Mission Eugene Martin; Shady Grove, P. W. Davis, Shiloah, Rufus Davis; Camden, to be supplied.

November 1, 1943  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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