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Long lines of weary but patient men and women waiting to mail packages to friends and relatives overseas yesterday after at the postoffice. . . Every face brightened when an additional parcel post window suddenly went up, and another clerk appeared to help with the last-minute rush.

At Richland county Red Cross chapter headquarters; Mrs. R. H. Boardman, member of the motor corps talking on the telephone as Mrs. Robert Sumwalt and Mrs. “Happy” Edens, staff assistants, served at the information desk..

. . . Mrs. W. L. Heinz, surgical dressing supervisor, saying the work room will be closed Thursday of Fair Week . . . Mrs. Rufus Clarke, staff assistant, busily typing the home service department buzzed with activity. Mrs. Frances S. Hicks, executive secretary, off to a meeting. The waiting room was filled with people awaiting interview with Miss Sara Lee Berkman, secretary, and her staff.

Two young girls commenting on how attractive Mrs. Betty O’Brien, sergeant in charge of the Columbia policewomen, looks in her new uniform. They had just finished correcting a third friend, who thought Sergeant O’Brien must be a member of the armed forces.

Mrs. Davis M. Gibbons of Kershaw writing to say that she observed a birthday October 14 . . . Sorry the card reached this office too late to appear the day of the birthday.

Pvt. Donald P. Dozier of the Fifty-fourth Training group, Air corps, of Keesler field, Miss., at home spending a furlough with his parents, Brig. Gen. James C. Dozier and Mrs. Dozier, on Belt Line boulevard.


Sam Gordon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gordon of 2406 Park street, being graduated as an airplane mechanic at Sheppard field, Texas . . . Pfc. Laurice L. Whittle, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Whittle fo Batesburg, completing the airplane mechanics course at Gulfport field, Miss. . . A-C William A. Clarke, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Clarke of 625 Howard street, a former USC student, completing primary flight training at Thunderbird field No. 1, Ariz . . . Pvt. Herman A. Brazell, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Brazell of Blaney, reporting for aviation mechanic training at Gulfport field, Miss. . . Leon Otis Fogle, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fogle of Springfield, being promoted to private first class and enrolling in the mechanic school at Keesler field, Miss. . . A-S John W. Mitchell of Columbia being appointed a student sergeant at North Carolina State college, Raleigh. A former football player in the army and two in the navy . . . Second Lieut. Theodore DuBose Ravenel, son of Mrs. Alice C. Ravenell of 1003 Calhoun street, completing officer training in the Marine corps at Quantico, Va. . . . Naval A-C Hugh Hammon DeBose, son of Dr. and Mrs. Theodore M DuBose of 2510 Windsor road, completeting pre-flight training at Athens, Ga. He was in his senior year at the University of North Carolina when he entered the navy.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY: State Treasurer Jeff B. Bates of Columbia; Dr. F. Porter Caughman of Columbia, W. S. Reynolds of Sumter, W. D. Rhoad of Bamberg, E. O. Black, Jr., of Columbia, Samuel H. McGhee of Greenwood, William Brick of Dillon, Thomas J. Hart, Jr., of Holly Hill, W. McD. Jones of Bishopville, Henry W. Eddy of Columbia, J. W. Bond of Columbia, J. G. Cunningham of Camden, H. E. Ryan of Edgefield, W. H. Stone, Jr., of Little River, J. D. Munnerlyn of Rhems, R. I. McDavid of Greenville, Alex Long of Rock Hill, John F. Thompson of Dillon, J. Hertz Brown of Spartanburg, George B. Whetstone of North, Miss Eleanor McColl of Benenttsville, the Rev. Earl V. Best of United States navy, Charles R. McCreight of Columbia, J. Henry Woodward, Jr., of Columbia, Walter E. Reid of Cheraw.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: Mr. and Mrs. A. Leroy Dukes, Orangeburg, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harris of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wessinger of Columbia.

BIRTHDAY: Late Chief Justice Milledge L. Bonham, 1854; J. Fraser Lyon, 1871; William R. Hough of Camden, 1868; R. D. Barcot of Charleston, 1821; King Carol of Rumania, 1893; Eugene O’Neille, playwright, 1888; Oscar Wilde, poet, 1856; Noah Webster, 1758.

October 16, 1943  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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