W. Columbia News

Cpl. Edward Powell USA, now stationed at Lomah, Wis., is spending a furlough with his mother, Mrs. Ethel Powell and aunt; Mrs. Laura Butler.

Harry Addy, USA, stationed at Langley Field, Va., is at home on furlough with friends and relatives.

Mrs. J. W. Wessinger and son, Paul, left Wednesday to join Mr. Wessinger, who is on government construction work in Alabama.

Mrs. M. L. Lybrand’s group of her Sunday school class met Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. L. S. Trottie with Mrs. J. W. Wessinger and MRs. J. P. Wessinger as assistant hostesses. The devotional was led by Mrs. Lybrand, who also presided over the business session.

Gifts were exchanged and new names drawn. The hostesses served congealed salad, wafers, cake and iced tea.

Belton Gibson of Greensboro, N.C., was a visitor in town this week.

Miss Grace Watson spent last weekend at her home in Blaney.

Miss Annie Ruth Davis spent last weekend with relatives in Kershaw.

Friends of Mrs. Dora Derrick will regret to learn that she is ill.

1943.04.23 - W Columbia News

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