T. C. Thorntons Celebrate Golden Wedding

A lovely reception was given in celebration of the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Thornton, Sr., at their home on Park Street, Tuesday evening, April 21. Mrs. Thornton was formerly Miss Leila McCreight of Winnsboro.

A color scheme of yellow and white was used throughout the lower floor which was thrown en suite for the occasion. The many beautiful flowers used as decorations were gifts of friends.

The guest were greeted by Mr. and Mrs. James Lawton Harrison. Favors of wedding  rings tied with ribbon were pinned on the  guest by Miss Margaret Dreher, granddaughter of the honor guests. Forming the receiving line with Mr. and Mrs. Thornton were Mr. and Mrs. Yancey B. Dreher, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ketchen, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. L. Park, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur A. Thornton and Miss Mildred Thornton. 

The dining room table, which was covered with a lovely lace cloth, was centered with a crystal bowl of white narcissi and California poppies. Tall yellow tapers burned at each end of the table.

Mrs. John Milling assisted by the following granddaughters of the honor guests, Mrs. Edward B Young, Jr. Misses Jane Ketchen, Frances Dreher and Betty Joe Dreher, served punch, sandwiches, mints and individual cakes.

Miss Beverly Rae Park, granddaughter, had charge of the guest register in the hall.

Approximately 100 relatives and friends called during the evening to offer their congratulation to this beloved and popular couple. They were the recipients of many beautiful and useful gifts.

Out-of-town guest included Mr. and Mrs. R. L. McCreight, Stoney Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. McCreight, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCreight and Mrs. J. B. McCreight, all of Johnston; Mrs. John Motley, Blaney; Mrs. Sophia Merchant, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Forrest and Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Adams. all of Saluda; Mrs. Florence Allison, York; and Mrs. Kate McCreight Smith, Winnsboro.

1942.04.24 - T C Thorntons Celebrate Golden Wedding
April 24, 1942 State (published as The State) Columbia, South Carolina Page 3

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