South Carolinians Complete Training

Twenty South Carolinians have completed their six weeks preliminary training period at the Naval Training Station, Norfolk, Virginia, the South Carolina recruiting office reports.

John A Blue, of 1416 Senate street, Columbia, was selected for the aerography school; C. F. Hodges and Robert B. McEwen of Blaney, were chosen for the aviation machinist school: M O’dill Hodge of Sumter was selected for the aviation ordnance school: and Joseph A. Allen for the hospital corps school.

Claude J. Adams, Jr., of Columbia, was selected to attend the Naval radio school.

Others included: Berlin S. Creel, of Batesboro: Hugh Greene, of Greenwood; James G. Johnson, of Newberry; J. I. Long, Jr., of Newberry, and Henry J. Lewis of Orangeburg.

Carl Jefferson Derrick of Columbia, has been selected for the navy’s Aviation Ordnance school, one of the service’s most sought after branches.

Others completing training at Norfolk are : John R. Stokes, 5023 Russell Street, Columbia; Lonnie Vinson of Lando; Horace Virgil Taylor, of Leesville; William B. McCarty, of Saluda; William F. Bain and Thomas F. Eskew, all of Whitmire, selected for aviation machinist school; and Dewey L. Wicks, of Union, and Hugh D. Vicars, of Whitmire.

January 20, 1942  Columbia Record (published as The Columbia Record)  Columbia, South Carolina
Page 14

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