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County Agent Eleazer of Sumter recalling that when he was a boy up in the Dutch Fork, his family, on their infrequent visits to Columbia, always got bread, fresh-hot from the oven, at Reidlinger’s bakery, six loaves for a quarter . . . Columbians who knew Maj. Gen. William E. Shedd when he commanded the First corps of the First Army here glad to hear his familiar voice from Panama Thursday night, in a two-way broadcast arranged by NCB for the 30,000 men in his Panama Coast Artillery command . . . Time, news weekly, referring to the “hairy ears of the cannoneers” in the Panama Coast Artillery command. (But, in World War 1, it was the engineers, wasn’t it, not the big gun servers, who had hairy ears? Anyways, their song said so) . . . Church Home orphanage at York reporting it has laid up 3,000 cans of peaches donated by Joe E. Hart and the Land brothers . . . Forty Rounds, published by the Thirteenth Infantry at Fort Jackson, reproducing letters of congratulation upon the spirit of the regiment, written by Governor Edison of New Jersey and John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Gabriel blowing his horn every day for Battery B of the One Hundred and Fifteen Field Artillery at Fort Jackson – Gabriel, in this case, being Pvt. Norris R. Gabriel, the company bugler, whose horn arouses his company mates with reveille each morning at 5:30. . . Tennessee troops of the One Hundred and Seventeenth Infantry at the fort giving a whoop and a holler at the post’s open air theater when Glen Miller and his orchestra came through with the selection, “Chattanooga Choo-Choo.”

Many happy returns to Miss Mollie Kenerday of Blaney, who is 95 year old today! . . . She was among the first to subscribe to The State and counts reading it daily as one of her best pleasures . . . Her hobbies are drawing and working in her flowers garden.

Big sign on vacant lot on Gervais street, “Stop stealing my dirt.” Lot, with drop in rear, having been filled in and now owner apparently suspecting some one of trucking away some of the filling.

“Barry,” Billy Fisher’s seeing eye dog, who will observe his seventh birthday on the 28th of this month.

Fifty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bowie of Donalds, who were married 50 years ago today.

Parking on the 1500 block of Main street and making this observance after watching about 100 persons walk by; The average person doesn’t know how to walk.

Men’s magazine reporting that brown, tan and olive will be the predominant colors in men’s clothes this season . . . Influence of Jackson and other army camps, of course.

Shopping the town over and over for a suit and finally, giving up in despair, purchasing one which did not exactly “suit” our taste . . . Not that the variety wasn’t there it’s just that we’re a tough customer to sell and when the mind is set on something nothing else will do . . . Temperature having a bad day yesterday and only managing to get up to 81 . . . All set for a fishing trip today . . . A card from Bill Geddings now Vacationing somewhere down state, in which he says he is looking forward to a new fall hat at our expense because of an election bet and asking us if we’ll concede . . . Our reply to that being, “Nevuh, suh!” . . . Looking forward to Carolina’s opening tilt at Chapel Hill, N. C., with the University of North Carolina, but the idea of having to get up at 6 a.m. to make the drive not setting so well with us.

Douglas K. Sturkie, Jr., marking his first year as secretary of the Columbia Merchants’ association . . . Congrats, Doug.

Bully Farr, Bill DeLoache, Colin Moteith conversing on hunting and fishing . . . . Major Monteith vowing that any fisherman felt he knew the most on the subject . . . And Bill nodding in the affirmative.

Betty Branham of Two Notch road wanting a new dog . . .Monday is the birthday of W. B. Hughey . . . Noticing that the old market building in the 1300 block of Assembly street is rapidly disappearing. . . It’s being torn down.

Loretta Gladden, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gladden of Chestnut street, is a small toddler herself but she imitates a little boy who was calling on his mother to hold him, saying, “Pick me up, mo-tha, hear.”

BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARIES: Dr. D. M. Michaux of Dillon, Curran Quattlebaum, Jr., of Edgefield, R. Marvin Porter of Columbia, A. L. Reynolds of Columbia, J. E. Norris of Vance, J. A. Lofton of McClellanville, J. T. Freeman of Mount Pleasant, Guy M. Tarrant of COlumbia, Dr. D. S. Keisler of Leesville, D. A. Boyd of Greenville, J. F. Murdock of Honea Path, Thomas H. Seabrook of Beaufort, Robert P. McCarty of Edgefield, Raymond Humphries of Columbia, Francis E. Wessinger of Leesville, H. D. Whetsell of Bowman, Guy E. Malone of Columbia, J. S. Weeks of Elloree, John R. Swearingen of Columbia, John C. McWaters of Columbia.


Mr. and Mrs. Lewellyn F. Pearce of Columbia (thirtieth).

BIRTHDAYS: Gen. John Pershing, 1860; Sherwood Anderson, novelist, 1878; Dr. Walter Reed, 1851; Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 1887; Lewis E. Lawes, 1883; Claudette Colbert; Robert Lee Riggs, many years president of Clemson, 1885.

Bombardment of Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key composed “Star Spangled Banner,” September 13, 1814 . . . Battle of the Marne, September 13, 1914; New York made capital of United States, 1788; Palmetto flag raised over Mexico City by Lieut. Selleck of Abbeville, September 13, 1847.

BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARIES YESTERDAY: J. Irby Koon of Spartanburg, J. A. Lambright of Landrum, Dr. L. H. DuBose of Great Falls, Edwin G. Seibels of Columbia, Dr. W. H. Mills of Clemson, George F. Roberts of LExington, Roger M. Heyward of Columbia, William M. Shoop of Spartanburg, Ralph W. Crosland of Columbia, L. M. Grigsby of Saluda, Associate Justice J. F. Carter of Bamberg, Joseph E. Adams of Greenwoood, Dr. J. C. Beckman of Charleston, Joseph Walker, Jr., of Columbia, Roy J. Catoe of Kershaw, J. S. McInnes of Darlington, F. E. Watkins, Jr., of Darlington, F. E. Watkins, Jr., of Anderson, R. B. Still of Blackville, L. G. Henderson of Fountain Inn, Henry C. Moore of Cayce, J. L. Inabinit of Newberry, J. L. Stone, Jr., of Dillon, Dr. John A. Norris, Jr., of Columbia, Alex McQ. Quattlebaum of Clemson, C. S. Funderburk of Greenville, Ralph E. Hawthorne of Abbeville, W. A. Page of Galivants Ferry, J. Stuart Rawls of Columbia, Mrs. Charles Grainger of Columbia.

YESTERDAY’S WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES: Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Cobb of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. Junius B. Bailey of Eau Claire. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ogburn of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Yager of Columbia, Mr and Mrs. Eugene H. Salmon of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. A. Russell McGowan of Charleston.

Birthdays, September 12; Henry L. Mencken, critic, 1880; R. J. Gatlin, 1818; Charles D. Warner, 1829; Herbert H. Asquith, 1852; Maurice Chevalier, Clark Gable; Richard Hoe, 1812.

September 13, 1941  State (published as The State) 
 Columbia, South Carolina
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