Armistice In Fort ‘Battle’ Stops Advance

Advance of ‘Enemy’ Likely To Begin Later In Day, Officers ReportCon Having reached defense lines deep in the Fort Jackson reservation in fending off an expected attack from a Brown army, the 30th Division took the afternoon off today as an “armistice” was signed between the opposing troops. The expected attack against the fort by the Brown troops failed to materialize today before the armistice … Continue reading Armistice In Fort ‘Battle’ Stops Advance

30th Advances Upon ‘Enemy’

12,000 Men Gather Near Blaney Overnight, Move Into Action The small community of Blaney which was aroused at 3 o’clock this morning by thousands of big army trucks rolling by, declared a virtual holiday today when the citizens awoke to find their town completely encircled by the military might of the 30th Division. The area of Blaney was chosen as the headquarters of the 30th, … Continue reading 30th Advances Upon ‘Enemy’

Thirtieth Opens Wide Battle Maneuver Today

The Thirtieth division, with 19,000 soldiers and 3,000 pieces of motor equipment, early this morning opened the largest and longest battle maneuver of its current training program after moving out on the Fort Jackson range yesterday to assume jump-off positions for a four-day “war.” All the weapons of the division from the 30-caliber rifle up to the 155-millimeter howitzer, will be brought into action, and … Continue reading Thirtieth Opens Wide Battle Maneuver Today

Maneuvers of 30th Will Last For Full Week

19,000 Men And 3,000 Vehicles Take Part In Fort’s War Games Approximately 19,000 officers and men, carrying full war equipment, moved out of Fort Jackson today in the start of a week’s maneuver of the 30th division in the largest war game ever held at the post. More than 3,000 pieces of motor equipment with thousands of new raffles, field artillery guns, and field ration … Continue reading Maneuvers of 30th Will Last For Full Week

Hold Singing Convention This Sunday

The Richland County Singing convention will hold its first meeting this year at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon at Concord Baptist Church, Lugoff. Persons who plan to attended are advised that they should turn to the right at Blaney. Frank Macaulay said yesterday  that many good choirs, trios and quartets were expected to attend and that all singers and lovers of singing were cordially invited to attend. … Continue reading Hold Singing Convention This Sunday

Training Union Attendance Peak Expected

The Fairfield Baptist association training unions expect a peak attendance this evening at their study course school being  conducted in the education room at the First Baptist church. There were 267 persons present last night from association churches as follows; Blaney, two; Cayce, 69; Colonial Heights, 39; First Baptist, 26; Crescent Hill, 14; Earlewood, two; Eau Claire, 20: Greenlawn, 17; Park Street, 31;  Rosewood, six; … Continue reading Training Union Attendance Peak Expected

Training Union Study Course Well Attended

An increased attendance was reported last night at the second session of the Fairfield Baptist association training union study course being conducted this week in the educational building at the First Baptist church. There were 279 persons present last night with 14 churches represented. Attendance by churches was as follows: Cayce, 72; Park Street, 30; Colonial Heights, 44; First church, 35; Eau Claire, 19: Blaney, … Continue reading Training Union Study Course Well Attended

Draughon’s News

Henry Ashmore McKenzie of Columbia, class of 1937, was a welcome visitor at the college during the week. He hold a responsible position with the state government. John Rabon of Lugoff, who recently returned to school for special review work, has accepted a position as stenographer-clerk with the Air corps training detachment of Camden. Pete Redmond of Swansea has part time work with the J. … Continue reading Draughon’s News