$473,922 Paving Plan Submitted For Richland

The Richland county delegation has taken under consideration a proposed paving program estimated to cost $473,922 and covering approximately 31 miles.

A preliminary estimate of the program was submitted to the delegation by County Engineer Charlie Lynn.

Mr. Lynn advised the delegation that “the cost of securing the necessary rights-of-way is not contained in these estimates. This is a very difficult problem as I have discussed with you.”

The estimates included:

Harden street extension through the property of the South Carolina State hospital to connect with the State hospital to connect with the State Park road, about half a mile, $147,345; Kennerly road, about half a mile from intersection at No. 76 to White Rock, $134,953; State Park to state highway No. 21 via Killians, 7.4 miles, $76,224; Langford Cross Roads toward Blaney, 2.9 miles, $33,234, and Langford Cross roads to Pontiac, 7.8 miles, $82,166.

January 11, 1941  State (published as The State)  Columbia, South Carolina
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